Increase the performance of your hospital or medical facilities thanks to an integrated nurse call system.


  • Type of Partnership: Standard
  • Type of Integration: Wildix Certified
  • Type of Connection: ESPA 4.4.4
  • Product Category: Advanced nurse call solution
  • Wildix Product Concerned: Wildix PBX


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Wildix-BTicino innovative solution for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and medical facilities allows you to reduce costs, increase caregiver efficiency and patient satisfaction.

BTicino and Wildix present the advanced nurse call solution that ensures patients welfare and optimizes the daily work of caregivers.

About BTicino

Bticino S.p.A. is an Italian company that operates in the field of electrical low voltage equipment used for residential, employment and production and proposes solutions for the energy distribution, for the communication (intercoms and video intercoms) and for the control of light, sound, climate and security.

BTicino, with a number of plants and production facilities in Italy and abroad, as well as a successful, well-known brand name in more than 60 countries around the world, has been a part of the Legrand Group since 1989.


  • WMS version 4.x

Wildix Licence

Business Licence

Level of Expertise

Expert +++

Bticino S.p.A. and Wildix Integration Supported Features

Ringing programming and DECT display according to different scenarios

Sick call

Mobile phone redirection

Alarm SMS Notification

Wildix Bticino Hospital Solution


They Already Installed This Integration

  • …The introduction of the Plantronics headsets integrated with Wildix, had – as an immediate positive effect – an increase in productivity, above all, for the operators of the call center.

    Roberto Stronati
    Roberto Stronati Valore BF - Business Development Manager
  • …In addition, Wildix mobility service has changed the way we work. We are often on the move, on different floors of the hotel or in the conference center, but now we have more mobility and freedom in our movements. Wildix mobility allows us to increase our availability and reachability, which is essential in our work, since we must provide the information or to make reservations on the phone, and thus, stay in touch at any time of the day.

    Barbara Agos
    Barbara Agos Roseo Hotels - Vd

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