The question you should ask yourself when it comes to purchasing a new communication system is:

What growth target is my company aiming for? And how can I reach more customers to achieve it?

The reality is, most businesses in your industry could improve their productivity  (and make more money) even when employees are outside the office, just by improving their communications solution.
Your communications system provider has probably never asked you how much you could earn if you didn’t have to run up against small obstacles every day. Your supplier doesn’t even consider asking you this question because they’re just selling you a product, and all they’re interested in is the profits from that sale. Here’s some honest advice: your company shouldn’t focus on buying a quarter-inch drill bit if all you want is a quarter-inch hole. What you need is the results that a product delivers, not the product in and of itself.
In other words, even the most incredible communications system in the world has no value if it doesn’t help increase your business’s revenue.

Despite this, your provider never asks you fundamental questions about your business because, in this market, big vendors only want to make sales as quickly as possible. In fact, the norms under which they operate leave them no time to educate you about their products or to directly support your business. This is why a normal supplier will just sell you a product, without bothering to understand what you need to increase your bottom line.
Reading the first lines of this letter, you may be wondering:
How is my company’s performance connected to my communications system?”
That’s an excellent question.
To answer it, first consider how long your employees spend to:

Initiate videoconferences

Contact customers and suppliers

Share documents

Send emails

Call colleagues (without knowing if they are busy / free / away from their desk, etc ...)

Then put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about the steps they need to take to contact your company.
They have to:

Search for your phone number on your website and call you

Talk to the
front office

Get in touch with a contact person (who may be busy)

Wait on hold while listening to a standard pre-recorded message

Moreover, there’s no business communication solution designed to support and boost your customer journey!
Each of these points are your answer: this is why your communications system has a profound impact on your business. At this point, you’re probably wondering why your usual supplier isn’t telling you that your company’s communications system influences your results so decisively.

The answer is, they don’t do it because they sell products that cannot in any way streamline processes for your employees or create a hassle-free experience for your customers!

No traditional PBX has ever solved these problems: however, they do create multiple problems that often go unseen (but still weigh on your company).
Your old PBX allows you to make calls, of course. But is there really any way you can set it up with a full consideration of your employees’ time and the obstacles that arise between you and your prospects?
Here are some of the most pressing problems that result from your old communications system:

Always having to place traditional phone calls that do nothing to help your colleagues become more efficient

No integration with your management and/or CRM software

Exorbitant fees for applications to ensure that malicious agents don’t intercept your calls (or, worse, steal your data)

No improvements to your customer journey and no effectiveness for your sales team

Adding onto these drawbacks is the fact that you don’t always have features to help measure your workflow and manage it accordingly. Often, you receive no control panel for call traffic, no functions that direct incoming calls according to your needs and no real ability to decide how to organize your daily work. Furthermore, traditional PBXs cannot enable smart working for your employees.

All this negatively impacts your business, and not just financially.

By now you’re likely wondering why your current supplier isn’t telling you that you’re throwing your money away without actually solving any problems. Unfortunately, to traditional suppliers, understanding your business needs is far more trouble than just selling you a useless legacy PBX and squeezing as much money as possible out of you.
And so, to overcome business roadblocks, more and more companies are choosing Unified Communications as a means to connect offices and people, reduce the costs of traditional PBXs and optimize their everyday internal communications.
This option should save you time… right?
Actually, Unified Communications are an investment that’s likely to backfire, not only failing to make you money but also interfering with the system you currently have.
The problem with Unified Communication platforms is that they are too often complex. Practically speaking:

Their interfaces aren’t user-friendly, meaning employees don’t want to use them.

Utilizing them requires training (which is typically not included in their price).

They do not work through browsers and consequently require software to be installed on individual computers.

Client problems fall on the company’s IT department.

They do not work on mobile devices.

They are not designed to boost your activities when smart working.

Soon enough, the system’s cost-benefit ratio will break down completely; you’ll be left with only costs, and absolutely no benefits.
What this means is not all UC options are a good fit for your business’s growth targets.
That’s why the question you have to ask yourself before buying a communications system is this:
 “What are my goals for growth?” 
Your supplier can only provide you with the right option in communications tech once they figure out your business goals. Dedicated suppliers shouldn’t have to think about selling you something; after all, their actual job is to remove the roadblocks hindering your path toward growth!

Again, what really matters is never the product itself, but the results you will get from that product.
That’s why I’m here to tell you that there’s a browser-based Unified Communications solution that’s hosted in the Cloud and uses WebRTC technology to offer users:
What I’m talking about isn’t just a product; I’m talking about verifiable results you will get thanks to the power of Wildix’s WebRTC platform, the security of Chrome OS and the first business-oriented Cloud solution that is simple to install and integrate with on-premise systems. All that, without having to install any additional software or clients!
See why Wildix is Europe’s only UCaaS brand on the Magic Quadrant™
Imagine your customers can call you directly from your website, and from there can be immediately plugged into your CRM thanks to integrations with your PBX. That kind of speed ​​makes all the difference today!

Imagine videoconferences that can be configured with just a click; chats that work outside the office through mobile devices; contact centers that monitor the status of all your communications…
And finally, imagine a supplier who has no interest in just selling you something and running away with your money, but instead wants to show you what you can change to achieve your business’s goals for growth.

Because, at last, your supplier can be someone who understands your business needs and can offer meaningful solutions to help your company.
Wildix sells our solution exclusively through a channel of selected professionals all over the world, because our Partners provide added value that enables you to boost your revenue quickly and painlessly. Wildix Partners are skilled in detecting your needs and can provide you with the right solution to achieve your goals. Wildix also features a full network of professionals that is equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to support your business
To better explain what I mean, I’ve sent you this package. Here’s what you’ll find inside
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In the video on this page, you’ll learn just how much your company can grow thanks to UC&C!

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance for growth. Every day you and your company spend placing old-fashioned phone calls is a day of lost opportunities.
“My team had no problems using the installation, which was our main concern. They were able to do it without any difficulty. It was very easy to implement and to teach them how to use, so I think that’s an A+ for that.”
Dr. Fiorella Krapp Lopez
Associate investigator at the Institute of Tropical Medicine 
“Subaru has installed a VOIP switchboard with the Cloud formula that allows us to manage the work flow through an integration with the Salesforce CRM platform. The installation was quick and the technical support was excellent. Thanks to these technologies, we now have effective and reliable tools that support us in our activities, always guaranteeing cutting-edge solutions.”
Marco Pitzalis
Subaru Europe