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Three Pillars Promo
Add pillars, save fees

WMS 5: Up to 6-Month Free
WMS 5 Subscriptions
For Lifetime Licenses

Three Pillars Promo
from July 4 to July 31, 2022

Wildix solutions have a variety of uses, but they can be broadly be grouped into these three pillars: UCaaS, HWaaS, CLASSOUND. Each of these pillars represents our main offerings:

UCaaS Licenses

HWaaS: Wizyconf Station, W-AIR headsets, PBXs, gateways, phones and other physical devices


And each one represents an opportunity for monthly recurrent revenue. With that in mind, we’d like your customers to experience the full integrative power of Wildix solutions across all three pillars. That’s why we’re offering this promo:

Add Licenses to a New PBX:

If you have a new customer and add licenses to a new PBX in July, you’ll save on your August (and the remainder of your July) fees for each qualifying PBX-basic, UC-essential, UC-business and UC-premium license. 

Add Pillars to an Existing PBX:

Or you can add a different pillar such as HWaaS or CLASSOUND to an existing PBX, and you’ll save on your August fees.

Add Additional Pillars to Your Qualifying Order:

But if you add a second or third new pillar to either of the above, you’ll also save on your September fees! 

So when you have a qualifying order, please:


Create the order in WMP


Submit a new form if the order needs updating

Of course, it’s the usual six-month minimum contract on HWaaS and CLASSOUND, helping you grow even faster with the benefits of recurrent revenue.

WMS 5 Subscriptions For Lifetime Licenses
Promo from May 1 to October 31, 2022

We know our lifetime subscription users are extremely important

They represent some of the biggest accounts we support. And we know that they’re often resistant to change, preferring instead to rely on the systems they know.

But they’re not getting the benefits of our latest PBX updates and the best-in-class security we offer.

They’re not reaping the advantages of moving to OpEx — instead, they’re pouring money into CapEx.

They’re keeping legacy systems online, and that’s costing you money.

But we can help you change all that!

Starting May 1, 2022, we’re offering all our lifetime subscription users the opportunity to upgrade to
WMS 5 as a subscription model for free until October 31, 2022.

And if they want to change back, they have until September 30, 2022, to revert back to their lifetime subscription* — after that date, they’ll be permanently transferred to a WMS 5 recurring subscription. No fuss. No hassle.
And as a Partner, here’s how you benefit:
We understand that you pay tech support fees for WMS 4 lifetime subscriptions. And you probably don’t really want to. So how about a credit for support fees paid in the April 2022 invoice for each lifetime customer that converts to a WMS 5 PBX subscription at the end of the free period?
We think this is a win-win-win for everyone: us, you and your end-users.
How to Sign Up
There’s very little you have to do.


Simply open up a Customer Care ticket


Put inside the ticket:

Then, sit back and let the Customer Care team handle the upgrade within 5 business days. We’ll apply the applicable credit to the account, and we ensure your end-users enjoy the benefits of WMS 5.
So promote change for your end-users. Promote WMS 5 to those with lifetime subscriptions and see the difference.
* Partners have until September 30, 2022, to convert a free upgrade back to a WMS 4 lifetime license. After this date, the license is removed and a WMS 5 subscription is put in place. This process is irreversible, and no exceptions can be made. A credit note will be issued for each subscription that qualifies. Any subscription that is reverted back to a lifetime license will not qualify for a credit note.
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