Cloud VoIP PBX

Wildix PBX is available in the Cloud or as Virtual appliance or Physical.

Wildix PBX is available as Physical or Virtual appliance or in the Cloud.

Wildix software is fully integrated into the hardware which helps to avoid problems related to third-party products integration.

Multiple Wildix systems can be connected to provide a single global cluster.
Wildix VoIP PBX is a reliable communication system for small or large business, it is scalable, flexible and it easily adapts to the needs of any company.

Cloud PBX

Wildix PBX

All the Wildix Unified Communications features are available also in the cloud. Cloud PBXs are activated with one click via the management interface.

You can add a physical on-premise PBX for failover.

Virtual PBX

Wildix PBX

Wildix Software can be Virtualized on any environment, including VMware or any Linux platform.
Virtual environments allow more flexibility in configuration in the server farm and ensure the continuity of the services.

Hardware PBX

Wildix PBX


  • Standard rack 19”
  • 4 network interfaces
  • SSD – solid state drive

Application Programming Interface

Thanks to WebAPI & TAPI, Wildix Unified Communications capabilities can be integrated with third-party applications and web-based software, allowing you, for example, to manage calls from your Windows PC or from external web applications.

Ready to use integrations

Many software products and web applications CRM, ERP, Fias/Fidelio, already integrate Wildix Unified Communications capabilities and are ready to be used with Wildix communication system.


WMS is the administrative interface of PBX and Unified Communications
The web interface is integrated into the Wildix PBX and does not require any installation.

  • It’s entirely web-based and available in the browser on any OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. No client / software installation.
  • Time savings on devices configuration thanks to Wildix auto-provisioning: configure one or many devices at a time, with just one click. Add, manage, update both on-site and remote devices belonging to your Wildix system, assign phones to users via a single web interface.
  • Fast import of users & contacts: LDAP, Active Directory, Exchange Server, MSSQL, MySQL, Google, Office 365.

 Multisite Support

You can connect your PBXs, even those located in different cities and countries, via WMS Network – the network of intra-company communication in order to create one seamless and transparent communication environment in all the offices of your company.

In a Wildix Network, one PBX takes up the functions of the Server PBX. All the updates taking place on any Client PBX, become first known to the Server PBX and then, in real-time this information is passed to all the Clients.

Wildix WMS Network cancels the distances between different sites of the company and enables all the users in different offices to collaborate as if they worked in the same office.

It is quite common for a company today to have branch offices all over the world. WMS Network allows centralized management, maintenance and update of all the users of the system (no matter which country they work in). All the system services are available at each site.

With WMS Network communication between users is free of charge (except for the Internet connection costs). Each user can connect to the system from any office of the company keeping the same internal number and account settings.

A new user added to the system is immediately visible and can be contacted by all the colleagues.

By choosing Wildix you choose a complete solution: Fax Server and Failover are by default integrated into Wildix phone system without any additional licenses.



With Fax Server you can send and receive faxes and send SMS messages via email or Collaboration.

  • Each user can have a personal fax number
  • Automatic notifications on fax delivery status
  • Storage of faxes in digital format
  • Fax2Mail and Mail2Fax
  • T.38 standard for fax transmission over IP
  • SMS sending and receiving
  • Eco-friendly Fax



Any PBX connected to a Wildix Network can become a backup PBX or share the load of another PBX in the same Network.

Once the sync is set up, all the functionalities can be automatically and seamlessly passed to the duplicate PBX without manual intervention. In this way you can guarantee redundancy in case of network or PBX failure.

Backup PBX has the same configuration as the main one, ensuring the continuity of the services and communication.

Thanks to redundancy feature, it is possible to enable local and remote survivability.


Wildix PBX

Wildix USB 2GB Key Storage is a USB drive resistant to high temperatures. Operative temperature: up to 85° C, aluminum case, up to 100 000 write/erase cycles, read speed 22 MB/sec and write speed 18 MB/sec thanks to NAND Flash Technology.

Protocols and technologies

  • Support of ISDN and analog lines (FXO, BRI, PRI)
  • SIP protocol management
  • Support of analog devices (FXS)
  • Support of SIP devices
  • IP DECT System W-AIR
  • GSM media gateway (1-sim)
  • Support of VoIP and PSTN operators
  • Audio codecs: G.711a, G.711u, G.729A/B, G.722; HD codecs (opus)
  • WebRTC support
  • Fax T.38 support

Call and contacts management

  • Audio, Video call
  • Caller name visualization; CLI generation
  • CLIP recognition on analog line
  • DTMF tones
  • Blind/attended call transfer; return from transfer
  • Call forward busy, Call forward unavailable, Call forward unconditional
  • Call hold, Call park
  • DID (direct inward dialing), DISA service
  • Call completion; Callback; Mobility extension; Call waiting
  • Call pickup; group call pickup, call recording
  • Call intrusion: barge (conference intrusion), listen (silent intrusion), whisper (partial intrusion)
  • Do not disturb (DND) activation/ deactivation
  • Hotline
  • Distinctive Ringtones, Ringtones selection
  • Director/secretary
  • Graphical IVR; Audio file management
  • Call billing
  • Timetables and switches
  • Local and shared phonebooks
  • Import of contacts and users from MSSQL, MySQL,
  • LDAP, Google, Exchange Server, Outlook, CSV,
  • Active Directory, Office 365, Infusionsoft by Keap, Zoho CRM
  • Advanced CDR; Call stats; Call center functionality
  • SLA management
  • Call groups strategies, Call queues management;
  • Unlimited Voicemail
  • Dynamic LCR (least call routing)
  • Call block, Outgoing call barring
  • Paging
  • Intercom
  • Directory (Dial by name)
  • ACL groups
  • Active call switching from one device to another one
  • Conference (three-way calling; conference call)
  • Speed Dial (users / phonebook contacts)
  • Emergency numbers
  • Music on hold
  • Direct RTP support
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): ASR (automatic speech recognition), TTS (text-to-speech), STT (speech-to-text); Personal assistant (user status reporting via TTS), Dial by name via ASR, Voicemail transcription via STT, speech recognition with voice control

Admin tools / system management and security

  • Web-based administration interface WMS (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)
  • Integrated Failover /redundancy/ Load share
  • LDAP Server; NTP Server; DHCP Server; SNMP Server
  • Manual / Scheduled Backup
  • Download and restore of configuration
  • TLS/SRTP security; SIP Trunks over TCP
  • Intelligent Bandwidth Management
  • Integrated SMTP client
  • Anti SIP-ALG technology
  • Multi user; Multisite (WMS Network of PBXs)
  • Auto configuration of Wildix devices (autoprovisioning);
  • phones configuration via HTTP/TFTP
  • Advanced Dialplan; Separate Dialplan for each PBX in the Network (WMS Network)
  • Sync of users, groups and ACLs over the WMS Network
  • System upgrades
  • Local and remote Survivability
  • Diagnosis and debug tools; trace generation
  • DoS attacks blocking
  • Serial port password
  • Storage on USB (Voicemail), Cifs/Windows Share/
  • Samba
  • Fax / SMS server; Fax2Mail, Fax2SMS services
  • STUN / NAT / Firewall traversal (RFC 3489)
  • System notifications to email with attachments
  • Startup diagnosis; Network link status diagnosis
  • LAN and WAN access; SSH console
  • ACL for system administrators
  • Hardware appliance / Virtual / Cloud PBX
  • DHCP QoS
  • 2FA (2 factor authentication)
  • Tools: mtr-tiny, tsql, iftop, dig, iperf, sngrep (installed); mysql-client, htop, mc (available)

Call signalling

  • SIP, in-band info and rfc2833
  • RTP Proxy
  • Fax over IP (ITU_T: T4, T30, T38, V17, V21, V27 ter, V29)

UC & Collaboration; Integrations and CEBP

  • Instant Messaging/ chat
  • File Transfer
  • Desktop sharing and Remote control
  • CTI component accessible via browser (Collaboration)
  • WebRTC audio call, video call from the browser
  • Access to local and remote phonebooks
  • Contact center interactive queues, call center wallboard
  • WebRTC audio and video conference for PBX and external users
  • Attendant console
  • Windows TAPI Integration
  • Google single sign on (SSO), Office 365 Single sign-on
  • Active directory Single sign-on
  • Push notifications
  • Web CRM integration
  • APP for iOS and Android
  • Presence status sync on all devices
  • Geolocation
  • Integration with web apps (CRM, ERP, Fias/Fidelio, hotel PMS, ESPA monitor)
  • Popup URL/ Popup APP; Callback URLs
  • Click to dial, call popup
  • PBX API library; WebAPI
  • Support of URI for click to call

System dimension

  • Up to 5000 users on one PBX
  • Up to 500 concurrent calls
  • Up to 100.000 users in WMS network
  • Up to 1000 nodes in WMS network

Hardware PBX Specifications


  • 4 x Rj45 Ethernet ports 10/100/1000 Base T
  • 2 USB 2.0
  • 1 x Console interface RS-232 19200 bits/s

CPU and Memory

  • CPU: from J1800 to J1900
  • Memory: from 4GB SLC SSD to 8 GB SLC SSD

Power Supply and Consumption

  • Internal power adapter 220V
  • Consumption: Idle 10W; Full power 25W

Environmental Conditions and Physical Dimension

  • (5°C – 40°C) operating; (5°C – 60°C) storage
  • 5% – 90% Relative humidity, non-condensing
  • 430 x 250 x 46,2 mm, 1U; weight: 3,2 kg


  • Safety regulations: UL 60950
  • CSA 22
  • Certificates CE and RoHS

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