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  • "Wildix has given us the confidence to compete for any contract. It’s helped us get out in front of new customers and we now know that with our product portfolio and expertise, we can provide businesses with cutting-edge technology that has everything they should want and need."

    William Rowland Managing Director of Connexis
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  • Connexis Limited
  • 5 Pearson Road, Central Park, Telford, TF2 9TX, United Kingdom
  • We have well over 1000 users on the Wildix phone/communication system now, and the majority of those extensions weren’t on our Panasonic systems originally. It’s been mainly new business within the past 18 months — about 75% by my estimation. Only 25% are users that we’ve moved over from our Panasonic systems. In the pipeline, we have at least another 500 users to roll out before the end of the year. That is without any other business from the last two quarters

    Matt Dansey Senior Solutions Specialist of Readycrest Ltd
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  • Readycrest Ltd
  • 14 Stirling Park, Rochester, Kent, ME1 3QR, United Kingdom
  • With other vendors, the product is similar to others on the market, but with Wildix we have a solution that is genuinely different. In 99% of cases customers weren’t choosing to have hardware anymore. The “handset” being purely browser based means it can be opened on any machine, wherever you are. This was a key feature for our customers, and it allowed them to meet a wide range of their remote working needs. It’s led to us having an incredibly successful year and seeing a 40% growth.

    Claire Baker Managing Director of Chalvington Group
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  • Simplicity and flexible system architecture of the Wildix Solution were among the key factors for giving the preference to Wildix over other Cloud Vendors. With Wildix we can choose a SIP provider, and it is a single instance per customer rather than a large public Cloud with everybody on the same solution. Thanks to Wildix we are now able to create a very bespoke solution for each client we deal with, providing excellent customer service as we always put our customers’ needs first.

    Mark Beardsley Sales Director at NT Voice & Data Solutions
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  • With specifically Wildix in mind, I would say that we certainly have more than doubled sales as opposed to what we were doing with traditional telecoms, and our margins have increased by 30-40 % which is tremendous.

    Jonathan Sawyer Managing Director at Taurus Clearer Communication Ltd
Partner Stories
  • We’re seeing more opportunities, we’re seeing more business coming through, I would quantify the growth of about 10-15% since partnering with Wildix. The subscription model is really driving our long-term business sustainability.

    Neil Hutchinson Business Development Director at Everything Voice Ltd
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  • The OPEX model has enabled us to offer our clients 30 day rolling contracts putting our recurring profits up and giving our clients better financial control plus all the latest updates.

    Matthew Cranney Matthew Cranney, Director at Flex-Telecom
Flex Telecom - Wildix Partner
  • I have now been in the telecommunications business for 23 years, and I think that Wildix’s WebRTC technology is the most exciting new solution and reseller opportunity that I have seen in this time. Without doubt Wildix has given me a new lease of life in the Telecoms/UCC industry.

    Giles Ecclestone Sales Director
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  • Wildix has now become a leading product in our portfolio as it is proposed in 90 % of all opportunities we work on. Since we have had Wildix in our portfolio, the average value of the deals has increased by at least 15%, but more importantly, we are able to retain the margin in these deals at a greater level.

    Wayne Lester Director at Avandda Voice and Data Solutions
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  • We were dealing essentially in what is a competitive industry, we had to find something that was unique, give us a unique USP. We found that in Wildix. What we've been able to do with the Wildix offering is: provide an ongoing revenue, an OPEX solution as well as a CAPEX solution. Since we partnered with Wildix, we've seen our profits increase by about 30%, we've doubled in staff size, doubled in terms of the office space we occupy. None of that would have been possible without Wildix.

    Martin Jupp Sales Director at ElemenTel
  • I would say that since partnering with Wildix it has become easier to convince customers to start using Cloud Technology. Alongside that, Wildix flexibility allows us to design Bespoke Solutions specifically for our Customers and this is how we will win more business. We have compared the Wildix solution to other products within our portfolio, but it is difficult, as the technology Wildix offers to the industry is so far advanced compared to a traditional telephone system, it’s just incredible!

    Oliver Shevki Operations Director at Convergence Communications Ltd
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  • The set of Wildix features has really impressed us, we have never dealt with a manufacturer who offers an “all- in one” product, proprietary desk phones, DECT handsets, call recording and reporting, conferencing and CTI software from a single Vendor, with great commercials.

    Paul Clark Director at Arrow Comms LTD
  • Our main purpose as a company is to facilitate our customers with the easiest, most efficient and up to date communication systems that will add more value to both their businesses and customers, and from that perspective Wildix is a perfect solution: powerful intuitive, innovative technology, easy to use, with reasonable pricing.

    Anthony Quinn CEO & Founder at Silver Cloud Telecom Ltd
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  • Silver Cloud Telecom Ltd
  • The Exchange, 130 Cubie Street, Glasgow, G40 2AF
  • Wildix offers flexibility with pricing, licensing and deployment and this kind of overall flexibility is quite unique. As for me, the flexibility of deployment tops that all, as with Wildix you can deploy on the Cloud, you can deploy on AWS, you can deploy on site and, I don’t think, there are many Vendors that can do the same, as easily as Wildix can.

    Sam Hodgetts Director, Co-Founder and Investor at FCP Technologies
  • We are always looking for innovative technologies that push the boundaries and deliver new technological solutions for our customers. Wildix and the WebRTC technology fit within our vision perfectly: extremely simple to deploy, highly functional, and – a recurring business model that didn’t require us or our clients to enter into a long or minimum term agreement. Wildix is the perfect match for Netmetix as 87% of our business each month is recurring.

    Paul Blore Managing Director at Netmetix Limited
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  • Wildix ticks all the boxes that we were looking for in a modern phone system, having compared to others in the market and with our experience in industry we are feeling proud of our decision to partner with Wildix. Now we can say yes to any type of customer whether it’s a single user garage, a high street professional firm or a thousand seat call centre, Wildix fits all. Ease of deployment, management, long list of features and hardware devices make it all in one solution for any industry’s telephony requirements and Wildix really has done a great job in developing a cutting-edge IP-PBX, topped with 5 year warranties that sells itself.

    Harjeet Singh Technical Director at Ampletech Managed IT Services

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Director, Co-Founder and Investor at FCP Technologies

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