SuperVision changelog

SuperVision – the exclusive desk phone for Top Managers.
To get the most out of your SuperVision phone, make sure it is updated to the latest version!

How to update:

  • To update its version, SuperVision must be connected to the Internet. If there is a new version available, the phone will automatically update during the night.
  • Update manually from Stable: Phone App > Settings > Advanced > click “Search for updates”
  • Update manually from Beta: Phone App > Settings > Advanced > enter the word beta into the field “Update source” and click “Search for updates”; in case there is a new FW available, repeat the last step once again

Current limitations:

  • It is not possible to create a new conference room from the App, it is only possible to enter a conference if you were invited
  • Impossible to login to PBX via Google sign-on from the first attempt (it’s necessary to make a second try)

SuperVision App Beta Version 3.07.54 Date: 26.10.2022

What’s new:

  • Fixed an issue in which dialling digit 1 in Function keys/ Colleagues menu caused screen lock

SuperVision firmware BETA Version Date: 19.09.2022

What’s new:

  • Fixed an issue in which SuperVision users couldn’t see videos of other participants in Wizyconf videoconference

SuperVision App Version 3.07.51 Date: 22.06.2022

What’s new:

  • Added support of video calls from doorphones using JPEG streaming with digest authentication
  • Added SSL support for video calls from doorphones using JPEG streaming
  • Added full status LEDs support of MonoLED/ DuoLED and MonoLED-BT/ DuoLED-BT headsets
    • current limitation: To change volume on MonoLED-BT/ DuoLED-BT, use volume buttons on SuperVision
  • Improved quality of video calls between SuperVision and Vision applications
  • Improved how statutes of users who use WP phones are visualized on other users’ SuperVision phones
    • if a user is online (WP phone is registered and available, their status is now visualized with a blue icon (it used to be grey)
  • Decreased audio delay during active calls
  • Fixed an issue with missing mic gain setting
  • Fixed an issue with a call being interrupted after answering it with a connected DuoLED-BT Headset
  • Fixed an issue of distorted audio during outbound calls from SuperVision which sometimes occurred if Voiceflex SIP trunk provider was used, in such cases as high network latency or after pausing and resuming the call

Firmware version: 

  • Fixed an issue in which keyboard or touchscreen (or both) randomly froze and stopped responding

SuperVision App Version 3.07.04 Date: 02.09.2020

What’s new:

  • Fixed an issue when after switching to USB headset and hanging up, a call ended
  • Minor filesharing improvements

SuperVision App Version  3.06.11 and firmware v. Date: 24.06.2020

What’s new:

  • Added support for Jabra, Plantronics (Poly), Sennheiser popular USB headsets models
  • Added support for Bluetooth headsets connected via USB dongles: Jabra Link 360/ 370, Poly BT600 (for only Poly headsets), Sennheiser BTD 800
  • Added compatibility with Let’s Encrypt ISRG Root certificate (becomes available after upgrade to firmware v.
  • Fixed a rare issue when automatic upgrade started during working hours

SuperVision App Version 3.05.06  Date: 24.02.2020

What’s new:

  • Fixed an issue with an incoming call from a doorphone being answered automatically when streaming jpeg preview before answer configured for W-AIR Handsets
  • Important Post-it notes are now displayed as a modal window:
    • An important Post-it (can be sent only from Collaboration) is displayed above all the menus and blocks access to the app
    • A user can only answer and hang up a call
    • To unblock, a user needs to respond by tapping OK

SuperVision App Version 3.04.01  Date: 20.01.2020

What’s new:

  • Improved compatibility with WMS version numbering scheme

SuperVision App Version 3.03.03 Date: 08.01.2020

What’s new:

  • Decreased audio delay during active calls

SuperVision App Version 3.03.02 Date: 31.10.2019

What’s new:

  • Enabled Opus audio codec (super HD codec) 

SuperVision App Version 3.02.01 Date: 30.10.2019

What’s new:

  • Improved quality of video calls between SuperVision, Vision applications and Android mobile applications (starting from 4.08.06) 

SuperVision App version 3.01.26 Date: 11.10.2019

What’s new:

  • New application design
  • Added ‘Post-it’ visualization:
    • Added notification for ‘Post-It’ messages (visual+sound)
    • Added LED blinking indication for incoming ‘Post-It’ messages
    • Incoming ‘Post-it’ messages are displayed in chat with yellow color
    • Notification sound can be changed in phone settings (Settings -> Sound & notification -> Default notification ringtone)
  • Added Online status for colleagues on History and Feature Keys pages
  • Added icons for call recordings and faxes on History page
  • Improved UX for conference call

SuperVision App version 2.15.30 Date: 01.10.2019

What’s new:

  • Fixed an issue when video from 2N IP doorphone being displayed with a delay
  • Improved logic of processing the Recents list in chat, which addresses an issue with Recents list being lost in some cases
  • Added ability to join a videoconference inside the App

SuperVision App version 2.15.26 Date: 24.09.2019

What’s new:

  • Improved echo cancelation performance
  • Improved call quality

SuperVision App version 2.15.18 Date: 27.08.2019

What’s new:

  • Fixed an issue with impossibility to make semi-attendant transfer via feature key if the first call was not put on hold
  • Optimized adaptive jitter buffer algorithm to improve call quality
  • Added an option to disable sound notification from third party apps during a call (enabled by default, option located in Advanced settings)
  • Added error message in case user tries to login using single sign-on without PBX domain
  • Added support for calls and call control (mute/ answer call/ hangup call/ change volume) via USB headset
    • ONLY WILDIX headsets are supported in this release

Firmware version

  • Fixed issue with an annoying “click” sound being played after switching audio source from handset to handsfree
  • Updated Wildix Phone application
  • Added support for calls and call control (mute/ answer call/ hangup call/ change volume) via USB headset
    • ONLY WILDIX headsets are supported in this release

SuperVision App version 2.14.08 Date: 22.07.2019

What’s new:

  • Fixed an issue with impossibility to resume a call that was on hold for more than 5 minutes
  • Added Finnish and Spanish translations

SuperVision App version 2.12.19 Date: 13.05.2019

What’s new:

  • The volume of the microphone in handsfree mode has been tuned (activated with firmware

Firmware version

  • Fixed a rare issue in which touchscreen could stop working until phone reboot
  • The volume of the microphone in handsfree mode has been tuned

SuperVision App version 2.12.15 Date: 02.05.2019

What’s new:

  • Fixed an issue with handsfree button not lighting up while user entered a phone number in handsfree mode
  • Fixed an issue in which user could not answer selected call via headset when two ringing calls were present
  • Fixed an issue with application always switching to call dialog (Dialpad) after receiving a call
  • Added device name and application version in user-agent for API requests (example: “Android Collaboration Vision 2.12.12”)
  • Password is no longer removed from login form in case application received Unauthorized from PBX to API request
  • Decreased load on webserver of PBX during first login and lost connection to Presence server
  • Moved option “Integration URL” from Developer to Advanced settings
  • Added “Default tab” option in Advanced settings
    • this setting allows configuring to which page application will be moved after an idle timeout
    • default page is “Function keys”, default timeout 120 seconds
    • possible options: Off, Dialpad, Function keys, Integration URL
  • Added ability to start chat from live search results
  • Stability improvements
  • Added option “Debug” which enables additional debug info in phone log (Phone App > Settings > Advanced)

SuperVision Hotfix v. 2.10.17  Date: 12.04.2019

  • Fixed an issue with echo cancellation in handsfree mode

SuperVision App v. 2.10.13 Date: 05.03.2019

  • Improved compatibility with WMS 4.01

SuperVision App v. 2.10.11 Date: 13.02.2019

  • Added option “Preferred video size” with options (QVGA, VGA – default, 720p)
  • Fixed visualization of “DTMF” BLF
  • Improved indication for LED buttons
  • Added open source regulation notice on About page

Firmware v.

  • Minor fixes