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  • Wildix has now become a leading product in our portfolio as it is proposed in 90 % of all opportunities we work on. Since we have had Wildix in our portfolio, the average value of the deals has increased by at least 15%, but more importantly, we are able to retain the margin in these deals at a greater level.

    Wayne Lester
    Wayne Lester Director at Avandda Voice and Data Solutions

Avandda Voice and Data Solutions have gained an exceptional industry reputation in the UK telecommunications market since its formation back in 2003. Avandda isn’t just another telecoms provider, it is a truly different kind of telecommunications company that provides sophisticated telephone systems, comprehensive maintenance solutions and bespoke mobile solutions, putting their customers’ needs first.

During our interview with Wayne Lester, Director of Avandda Voice and Data Solutions, we discovered why Avannda decided to partner with Wildix, how their business changed since adding Wildix to their portfolio, and discussed the challenges faced during the Covid-19 outbreak.

“We were first introduced to Wildix shortly after they entered the UK Telecoms market  in 2017” – began Mr Lester, “we were contacted by Ian Rowan (Senior Channel Manager, Wildix UK), who arranged a time and date for a demonstration after he had returned from a planned holiday. Unfortunately Ian’s flight had been cancelled due to bad weather and he was still at a hotel somewhere in the Alps, when he was due to perform the demonstration. Despite the misgivings of a public Wi-Fi and being located in a hotel lobby, the demonstration still blew us away and we were all amazed by the solution, it was like nothing else that we had seen or used before. Ease of use and innovative technology engaged us into this new and promising partnership with Wildix right away.

Describing the difference Wildix has made for Avandda’s’ business, Mr Lester said:

“Historically, we worked  with Samsung to provide telephony to most of our clients but they could no longer provide us with the functionality and technological advancement our customers were looking for. I think Wildix established itself with us from the offset.
Wildix is now proposed in 90 % of all opportunities we work on.  Since we have had Wildix in our portfolio, the average value of the deals has increased by at least 15%, but more importantly, we are able to retain the margin in these deals at a greater level.”

“Wildix products allow us to attract a different  type of customer and to help with this we have changed the nature of customer approach. Now it’s far more about the overall communication styles that companies need to use. So instead of it just being a telephone system and applications that you bolt on, it’s a totally different concept, now we are talking about a complete communications solution that is able to solve customers’ needs by itself.”

Commenting on the most impressive Wildix features, Mr Lester said:

“I really like how all the functions are easy to use and this allows the end user to access the full systems capabilities, it’s just logical, intuitive and straightforward, its feature set is broad and the potential of what the platform can do with very little configuration is helping us win new business. It’s also a uniform experience from any device, this helps with use adoption and training, it is really BYOD.”

In the light of recent months of the global pandemic, we could not skip this topic in our conversation with Mr Lester, and here is what he had to say:

“It’s a busy time for all those in Unified Comms at the moment and I think it’s going to continue to be so over the next 12 months. In the first 3 weeks of the lockdown we were talking to customers about moving them to smart working solutions, to help with this Wildix came to us, their partners, with an unprecedented offer, where our customers were able to take immediate advantage of chat and video conferencing with colleagues and customers for up to 6 months and without any ongoing commitment. And I am pleased to say, that opportunity was very well accepted and appreciated by our customers.

Why was it successful? Simply because Wildix lends itself to be able to manage any type of emergency with ease and efficiency, and the Covid -19 outbreak has just proved that.”