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  • In 2017, we saw the market growing and changing, from on-premise to cloud. So we took it upon ourselves to do that too.

    Beau Bearden
    Beau Bearden Sales Manager Cleod9 Voice

The biggest problem in the past has been keeping up with the constantly changing communication industry. For instance, a lot of our customers use a product that has been recently discontinued by the provider. While we are able to manage it and provide support in the short term, when the product eventually breaks, we will be unable to provide replacement parts, and then they are stuck with an outdated piece of equipment that is no longer supported.

We’ve been providing on premise phone systems since the year 2000 and in 2015 began providing an in-house hosted solution. In 2017, Cleod9 Voice created a Partnership with Wildix selling Cloud PBX solutions.

By becoming a Wildix partner, we’ve been able to achieve scalable growth in our Recurring Monthly Revenue by providing our customers with the best unified communications solution in the industry. The competitive advantage is pretty simple: Wildix has created a complete and scalable UC solution for companies that need to upgrade their communication platforms without the need for extra client hardware or installations. Cleod9 Voice has been able to provide this solution to our customers at an affordable yet competitive price, helping to set us apart in the industry.

Our goals are fairly simple. We believe in providing quality, value and integrity to our customers. By setting the highest standards for quality of workmanship, we ensure that our installations and product offerings are the best in the communications industry. Providing value to our customers goes beyond the physical completion of the work. We believe in becoming a true partner who helps our customers build a better business through better platforms, with an open flow of communication. We value our customers, employees, and business partners equally. Our number one goal is to find the best solution for our customers and to implement the solutions to the best of our abilities and experience.

Cleod9 Voice has been a dealer of other PBX providers in the past. And while we’ve had good relationships, with Wildix we’ve created a true partnership. They’ve been very helpful with making sure we grow and are very involved with our strategies and assistance with those strategies. Wildix has created a partnership with our company. We’re not just another dealer, we’re a partner, and they’ve treated us like one, which steps right in line with our company culture, so it is an obvious fit for us.