• I’m not losing my clients, because I now can transition them to the Wildix solutions, and because we are still their vendor that they know and trust, and will take care of them no matter what.

    Cyna Milinazzo
    Cyna Milinazzo President and CEO of Liberty Communications

“A reoccurring issue we run into is clients who are under contract for their current outdated services. Wildix allows us to put a traditional style setup with the plan to move them to the cloud, at which time they could realize some savings,” says Cyna Milinazzo, President and CEO of Liberty Communications.

Liberty Communications is a Colorado based telecommunications company that strives to improve the productivity, profitability and customer service of their business partners through the customized application of communication technologies and services. Once evaluating the customers technology and company culture, they give their recommendation for either a cloud/hosted solution or traditional solution.

Client needs vary from industry to industry so it is important to have the products that will best serve each one. Liberty Communications has been approached by many manufacturers and service providers looking to partner with them, and they are pleased to announce that they have secured a relationship with the Wildix Team.

“We believe that this product will allow us to gain market share in our community with all the tools that it has to offer now and in the future,” says Cyna Milinazzo. “Wildix is flexible enough to allow us to integrate both traditional and cloud/hosted solutions to our multi-site clients. With their on-site hardware solution we are able to implement new technology for our clients that are under contract with their current provider and then move them to the cloud for additional savings once the contract is complete. The customers hardware investment is secure as they can use it on the cloud solution. Some of the tools that drew us to the decision to partner with Wildix are KITE, instant messaging, Outlook integration and Video Conferencing.  As I sat through training in their Ohio office, I thought about all the clients that I could help with these solutions and how it would make their business run more smoothly.”

They have implemented the Wildix system in their own office using FlexFone SIP trunks and have been able to realize all the benefits that they are offering our clients.

“Our entire team is looking forward to what comes next in this ever-changing technology industry and know that the Wildix team will help us protect our customers investments with their continuous software development.” – Cyna Milinazzo.