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The Accounting Firm CTN France Retakes Control of Its Telecom System with the Wildix Solution

CTN France
There are activities that are instantly synonymous with rigidity, difficult requirements and strict control. Accounting, auditing, management control — these are all trades handled by the accounting firm CTN.
Given CTN France’s diverse enterprises, the company’s IT group manager Sebastien Burgeat explained that they needed a unified communications system that could provide complete control over their business. With help from their service provider, Wildix Partner ETJC, they came up with what they required. After unpleasant experiences with underdeveloped systems, Mr Burgeat turned to a Wildix Partner.
Sebastien Burgeat

"Preserving control over our infrastructure and expenses as much as possible was the prerequisite I insisted on most with them," Mr Burgeat said. "I needed to get my hands on a device that would have no impact on our services or our performance in case of problems, because we had already run into this inconvenience with previous solutions.”

Sebastien Burgeat, IT Group Manager for CTN France
The Wildix solution was a good option for limiting dependency on the rest of the CTN ecosystem, all at a reasonable cost.

"I chose a physical device to ensure sufficient but also scalable and collaborative autonomy," Mr Burgeat explained. "Our old telecom system didn’t even include a phone number display, and our colleagues all wanted a change at a collaborative level. But ultimately, everything also had to still be easy to access.”

CTN - Wildix case study
It was therefore necessary to learn lessons from the past and completely reconfigure the company’s mediocre ethernet network in order to provision the Wildix solution as it operates today. Combining the expertise and technical advice of ETJC, the Wildix solution was installed in a week at the CTN location.

“It was necessary to satisfy the requirements of autonomy, while at the same time ensuring an increase in productivity,” Mr Léger stated.

Today, without a doubt, the solution satisfies all of the expectations of the group. As Mr Burgeat told us:

"The administrative and management interface is simple and easily accessible. Our business processes are widely simplified, making it possible for us to know which client is calling, personalize our voice options and set the appropriate hold music!
"The solution adapts to each of us and to our levels of IT skills. Even our senior staff, who are reluctant to change, find the solution easy to use, and our younger staff love the click-to-call function. Not to mention the video conference, the employee presence and the voicemail box that is accessible via email.”

Mr Burgeat is also planning to update his licenses and develop the telecommuting capabilities of the company. He is clearly more than delighted with the technical mastery available through the company’s unified communication system.

The solution was implemented by Wildix Partner

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