Metropol Spa Hotel, a business class spa and conference hotel located in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia, in Rotermann Quarter, opened its doors in July of 2018. The hotel features a SPA center with an indoor pool and saunas. The Rotermann Quarter, being just walking distance from the historical Old Town, has become the fastest developing area in Tallinn, where all of the newest restaurants, bakeries and designer boutiques are located.

A brand new hotel needs a brand new communication system. Metropol Spa Hotel opted for Wildix. The system was installed by ESECOM INTERNATIONAL, a Wildix Partner in Estonia.

Raigo Triik, the General Manager of Metropol Spa Hotel, explains what they were looking for in a new phone system:

“For us, it is very important that all of the communication between our guests, all of the communication between ourselves and our partners, be smooth.”

According to Mr. Triik the new communication system had to meet the following requirements:

  • The system should be user-friendly and easy to use
  • The system should be able to meet not only the needs they have today, but look into the future
  • And, most importantly, the system should offer after sales support

These were the factors that drove their decision. And the Wildix system was able to solve all of these problems:

“These were key factors as to why we chose the Wildix system, and, I think Wildix was the best solution for us.”

Having all of the different Unified Communication tools that the Wildix system offers at their disposal, the hotel staff can now focus on their business while providing the best customer experience:

“What I like most about the Wildix solution is the flexibility”.

Mr. Triik reveals their plans for the future to install the Wildix system in the second Metropol Hotel, located next to the new Metropol Spa Hotel. The hotel was built 20 years ago and its phone system is outdated.

We want to implement the same Wildix system in the second hotel… we want to offer all of our guests the same experience.

Raigo Triik, General Manager

Video testimonial:

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