TLG Transitions to an Agile and Flexible
Environment with Wildix by Everything Voice

TLG - case study

Joel Green is Head of Business Systems at TLG and has been in this role since January 2018. His main responsibilities within the business are to manage and resolve technology projects, overseeing support and contracts from IT suppliers and ensure that TLG is staying ahead by sourcing and identifying new and innovative products, which will effectively replace outdated/legacy technology in order to improve the company’s efficiency and productivity.

We were really excited to be involved in this exciting project of helping to transition TLG to a flexible and agile environment, where teams and individuals were given the tools to communicate effectively with colleagues, donors, volunteers and stakeholders wherever they are. We’ve managed to transition almost entirely from traditional desk phones and an on site phone system and it has been exciting to see the change.

Neil Hutchinson
Business Development Director at Everything Voice Ltd

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TLG’s Challenges

TLG was experiencing on-going issues with staff mobility and needed to resolve this. With an outdated phone system in place, it was becoming increasingly difficult for their employees to work efficiently between offices / whilst on the move and remain in contact with colleagues outside of the office.

With staff based across 14 sites and a new office planned to open soon, their communications needed to be streamlined so that all employees were able to contact one another at any time of day – and were accessible by video conference so that staff didn’t need to use up valuable time travelling across the country to attend meetings.

In summary – TLG wanted to ensure their operations could run more smoothly through improved communications, whilst saving on unnecessary costs and improving productivity overall.

The Outcome

Thanks to Everything Voice installing Wildix, employees across all sites are now able to see when colleagues are available, and each individual is contactable whatever their location. Furthermore, the additional features provided by Wildix mean that other options to calling are available such as chat, instant messaging, email and conferencing.

After installing Wildix, employees across all sites are now able to see when colleagues are available, and everyone is contactable whatever their location.

Joel Green,
Head of Business Systems, TLG

The Solution

Everything Voice recommended their Hosted VoIP platform by Wildix which can be used with great simplicity and is very simple to understand.

“Allowing us to communicate anytime, anywhere through any device, the solution Everything Voice proposed was by far the best we were offered,” comments Joel Green from TLG. “We knew other businesses that were using this technology, which to us highlighted how effective the product was and that it was both reliable and highly respected.”

The process for installation was quick and trouble-free, and the transition for staff to start using the new system was very straightforward with support offered by Everything Voice every step of the way.

Key Benefits

Other benefits of Wildix Hosted VoIP telephony include:

  • Cheaper than traditional PBX system / landline telephones;
  • Video conferencing is included – so no additional 3rd party costs;
  • Quick messaging is available via chat if employees are unable to speak;
  • Improved communication with customers as they know who is available;
  • Streamlined expectations with simple call diversion tools where required.

The solution Everything Voice proposed was the best solution offered to us throughout this process. The team at Everything Voice have been very proactive and helpful and the transition to the new technology was floorless. We experienced no downtime when setting up the new system and it took less than 2 days to train all staff and ensure they were up and running and able to make use of our investment.

Joel Green,
Head of Business Systems, TLG

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* The project at TLG is run and maintained by Everything Voice Ltd, Wildix Gold Partner in the UK since 2019. Everything Voice offers a comprehensive range of communication technology and services for businesses that need to reimagine their communications for the modern business environment.