Has your Communications System ever let you down in the middle of an important business call, making you lose Customers and therefore revenue?
Provide business continuity, make sure the workflow never stops and the business wheel keeps rolling thanks to the Wildix Game- Changer: WMS Network with Failover!

The request to create a Network, where WMS and Failover work together, came from a major European Partner, BluNetworks Ltd,  whose End- User, Mid Ocean Brands,  was in need of a reliable and comprehensive communication system that could satisfy all their needs, providing a non-stop 24/7 connection within its regional sales offices located in 8 countries across Europe and China (Hong- Kong).

Mid Ocean Brands, operating for more than 50 years is one of the leading wholesalers in the European promotional  market.

More than 10.000 distributors worldwide trust their business to this Organisation, therefore quality, timeliness and security are very prominent for the Company.

Working closely together, Wildix R&D and the technical specialist from BluNetworks devised a solution that fully synchronised all locations from a master PBX to provide a full business continuity solution and a reassurance to the customer that all locations could continue to operate in the event of any service failures.

To learn technical details, go to WMS Network vs Failover.  

This hard work and determination of the Teams resulted in a successful deployment  of the first WMS Network and Failover working together in 8 locations in the world, making sure all Users in the Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Russia and Hong Kong are never disconnected.

“The network we were able to provide to Mid Ocean Brands ensures communication for 350 users worldwide in 8 locations in the world. The simultaneous work of the WMS Network and Failover designed and configured by Wildix R&D professionals in cooperation with our Dutch Partner, BluNetworks, supports seamless communication capabilities for the End- User, therefore delivers an extraordinary and absolutely unique Customer-designed services, and this is exactly what an exceptional customer experience and approach is all about.”  

Fabrizio di Chello,
Head of Support at Wildix DACH