Wildix communication system integrates with FIAS protocol (Fidelio Interface Application Specification) with the help of Wildix APIs.

Thanks to the integration with Oracle-Fidelio software for hotel management, Wildix UC&C system receives the information about room reservations, check-ins, check-outs, wake up calls, current room status and charging of services, making it possible to completely automate and integrate the hotel operations, starting from the room reservation and up to the check-out.

Wildix communication system has obtained Oracle-Fidelio certification because it integrates with FIAS protocol and properly interacts with the hotel management software.

Oracle and FIAS versions:

  • Oracle Hospitality OPERA Version:
  • Oracle Hospitality Interface IFC8 Version:
  • FIAS Version: 2.20.12

FIAS is supported by the following PMS from Oracle/MICROS-Fidelio:
Fidelio Suite 6, Fidelio Suite 7, Fidelio Suite 8 & OPERA PMS
It is NOT supported by ‘Fidelio Xpress’.

Integration of Wildix communication system with hotel management software supporting FIAS offers the following features:

  • Check-ins / check-outs with the possibility to block outgoing calls from the room
    Hotel personnel can manage check-ins / check-outs and block outgoing calls from the room using their DECT phones or room phones
  • Set up Wake-up calls for one or more days
    It is possible to set up wake-up call service in the calendar for one or more rooms
  • Minibar service
    Hotel personnel can use their DECT phones or room phones to charge the room for the use of minibar or other services; it is possible to enter a quantity of items and the item price
  • Monitoring of outgoing calls per room
    Wildix UC&C system allows real-time monitoring of calls placed from hotel rooms
  • Housekeeping status of rooms
    Hotel personnel can change room status by calling a service code from their DECT phone or from room phones: room is occupied / vacant / clean / dirty
  • Call billing
    Call reports can be generated in real-time and charged at the moment of guest check-out

Integration Matrix