Collaboration Native App changelog

Features, improvements and fixes of Collaboration Native Application

Version 2.5.7 Date: 09.11.2022

[WMS-12838] – col: added “Call control mode” checkbox to Preferences, which allows to keep Call control mode enabled


  1. Click on Wildix Collaboration at the top -> choose Preferences
  2. Tick off the “Call control mode” checkbox under the Host field


  • In case Call control feature is enabled on the PBX and there is “Call Control only” option on the login screen, the state of the Call control checkbox in Collaboration Native app Preferences has higher priority, while the checkbox on the login screen is ignored.
  • To enable Call control mode during large-scale deployment on Windows (via MSI file), add the following parameter to the installation command: callControlMode=1

Version 2.5.6 Date: 13.09.2022

[WMS-15023] – app: performance and stability improvements

Version 2.5.4 Date: 01.06.2022

[WMS-14063] – app: fixed an issue when geolocation in Collaboration native app (on Windows and macOS) could not be detected automatically

[WMS-14069] – app: fixed an issue in which Collaboration native app wasn’t displayed after clicking on the “Show Wildix Collaboration” button if there were several desktop windows set up

[WMS-14120] – col: fixed an issue in which after upgrade to v. 2.5.2, Collaboration native app on Windows could not be started because of GPO security policy

Version 2.5.3 Date: 19.04.2022

[WMS-13463] – col: deprecated x86 Windows Collaboration native app as 32-bit systems are no longer used

  • note: x86 app will be updated to x64 version on Windows automatically, except for MSI Installer

[WMS-13838] – int: fixed an occasional issue in which autoupdate of Collaboration native app on Windows didn’t work in case of MSI installer

  • make sure WIService is updated to v. 3.7.6

Version 2.5.2 Date: 06.04.2022

[WMS-13464] – col: merged tray/ menu bar icons of WIService and Collaboration native app

  • menus of both WIService and Collaboration native app are now available under one icon.
  • merged icon support starts from WIService v. 3.7.4

macOS version 2.5.1 Date: 18.03.2022

[WMS-13462] – col: added logic so that Collaboration native app on macOS is updated automatically via WIService (starting from WIService v. 3.7.2)

Windows version 2.4.2 Date: 03.03.2022

[WMS-8739] – col: added logic of automatic updates of Collaboration native app on Windows (64-bit version)

  • automatic update of Collaboration native app (Windows x64) is managed by WIService (starting from WIService v. 3.6.3). Make sure the option “Keep Wildix services up to date” is enabled in WIService Settings.
    WIService documentation:

macOS Version 2.3.1 Date: 20.01.2022

[WMS-13061] – col: fixed an issue in which Single sign-on didn’t work in Collaboration app on macOS after upgrade to v. 2.3.0

macOS Version 2.3.0 Date: 14.12.2021

[WMS-12887] – col: Collaboration Native app improvements:

  • improved stability
  • signed application with new Apple Developer Application certificate

macOS Version 2.2.3 Date: 18.10.2021

[WMS-12170] – col: Collaboration Native app improvements:

  • updated Chromium Browser Engine that includes general performance and stability improvements
  • updated the SSL certificate

Windows Version 2.2.3 Date: 13.10.2021

[WMS-10776] – col: Collaboration Native app improvements:

Version 2.1.10 Date: 02.07.2020

[WMS-9181] – sys: added support for Single sign-on login in Failover scenario with custom domains (Windows)

To set Failover custom domain, use the installation command:

  • > Collaboration-2.1.10-x86.msi /qn hidePreferences=1


Version 2.1.9 Date: 12.06.2020

[WMS-8977] – col: fixed an issue in which Collaboration App couldn’t switch to Failover PBX

Version 2.1.8 Date: 27.04.2020

[WMS-8603] – col: fixed an issue with wrong counter of chat badge notifications

Version 2.1.7 Date: 13.04.2020

[WMS-8685] – wizy: added support for WebRTC screen sharing inside a video conference to Native App


  • After screen sharing is activated, select the content you want to share: the entire screen or application window and click Share button
  • To terminate the screen sharing session, click Screen sharing button in the conference control bar

Version 2.1.6 Date: 27.12.2019

[WMS-7943] – col: Collaboration Native app improvements:

  • Enabled push notifications for group chats
  • Fixed an issue in which a video conference window could be closed only after exiting from a conference room via End button

Version 2.1.5 Date: 23.12.2019

[WMS-7745] – col: added failover support
Note: user needs to re-login when the network connection is lost.


macOS Version 2.1.4 Date: 17.12.2019

[WMS-7654] – sys: Collaboration Native app improvements:

  • Updated Chromium Browser Engine
  • Added support for screen sharing via WebRTC from Collaboration to Wizyconf

Follow this link to download the latest native app version for macOS: DOWNLOAD

Windows Version 2.1.4 Date: 21.11.2019

[WMS-7654] – sys: Collaboration Native app improvements:

  • Updated Chromium Browser Engine
  • Added support for screen sharing via WebRTC from Collaboration to Wizyconf

Version 2.1.3 Date: 11.09.2019

[WMS-6569] – kite: added support for screen sharing via WebRTC from Kite to Collaboration

Available options: Screen sharing (WebRTC screen streaming) and Screen sharing with control (in this case kite user is invited to install the component)

MacOs Version 2.1.2  Date: 17.04.2019

[WMS-6245] – col: disabled auto focus of Collaboration app on macOS when receiving a new incoming call

Version 2.1.1 Date: 08.04.2019

[WMS-6092] – col: fixed an issue with ringtone being not played when receiving first call after starting the app

Version 2.0.3 Date: 07.01.19

[WMS-5518] – col: fixed an issue when it was impossible to save login credentials on Native App v.2.0

Version 2.0.0 Date: 09.11.18

[WMS-5358] – col: the app can now accept video calls from AlphaTech doorphone

Version 1.0.15 Date: 05.10.18

[WMS-5198] – col: improvements for Attendant Console for visually impaired and blind users

What’s new:

  • call notification is no longer displayed in the foreground if the attendant console is focused, allowing user to answer the call by pressing Enter button
  • auto-run of the attendant console when the app starts, if it was active during the last session of the app

Version 1.0.14 Date: 31.08.18

[WMS-5127] – col: fixed an issue with wrong notification about new call in Native App v.1.0.12 (Windows 7 and Windows 10)

Version 1.0.13 Date: 30.08.18

[WMS-5087] – col: implemented automatic Active Directory SSO for Native App (Windows)

Version 1.0.11 Date: 24.08.18

[WMS-4744] – col: fixed a problem with native app showing events read from other devices.

From now on Collaboration native app displays only missed calls and chats badge notifications; update to WMS version 3.88.41912.35, otherwise users will not receive badge notifications on current opened chat / contact.