WMS Stable Release 3.88 | April 2018

Discover the highlights of WMS version 3.88 released on April 20 2018

Highlights of WMS Stable Release 3.88, April 2018:

  • GDPR Security
  • Protection against SCRF attacks
  • cURL SMS sending
  • PBX Jitter Buffer
  • Phones assignment before provisioning

Full changelog of WMS stable release 3.88: https://old.wildix.com/wms-release/  

GDPR Security

  • SIP Proxy logging: information on new SIP registrations is logged with default debug level
  • Collaboration / WMS connections: information on users’ logins / logouts is now written to changelog 
  • Option to use remote syslog (WMS Settings -> System -> Remote syslog); documentation: https://confluence.wildix.com/x/aQc8AQ
  • All files exchange via Collaboration and ubiconf and conference recordings are automatically removed from the server after 6 months
  • Option to auto-delete CDR, chats, voicemails, call recordings (WMS Settings -> PBX -> Call and chat history)
  • Option to delete all contacts from the phonebook (WMS Users -> Phonebooks)

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Protection against CSRF attacks

Important: Starting from March 2018, the latest versions of the most popular web browsers drop support for cross-requests for the protocol schema “file://“.


To continue using WebAPI, including Wallboard, Hotel manager, you need to add the domain to the whitelist under WMS Settings -> PBX -> Security

WebAPI documentation: 


Domain whitelist (allow origin):

cURL SMS sending


Added the possibility to send SMS without W01GSM media gateway via cURL command from third-party service or another PBX with configured GSM trunk.


Important: no GSM gateway must be present on the PBX, at all, it should not be present in the list of devices

PBX Jitter Buffer


Jitter Buffer is now by default enabled on the PBX side by default for all calls, in adaptive mode (500-1000ms).


This helps to improve overall quality for SIP trunks calls, voicemail, call recordings.

G711 transcoding


Added support for transcoding for web phone calls to trunks which do not support G711



  • It’s not recommended to enable this feature, as it reduces call quality and generates useless load on CPU
  • It must be enabled only if the operator doesn’t support g711a/u for some calls
  • Feature is supported only on PBXs with modern CPU or Cloud
  • To enable g729 transcoding, edit the file /etc/callweaver/sip-general-custom.conf:



Assigning of devices before provisioning

It is now possible to assign devices before they have been provisioned following WMP provisioning and Semi-automatic (remote) provisioning modes.