WMS Stable Release 3.85 | June 2017

WMS Version 3.85 includes over 100 features, improvements and fixes.

WMS Version 3.85 introduces graphical and usability improvements to Wildix Collaboration, among which personal picture capture, website preview in chat and the possibility to see when user is typing a message, live search for call forwarding destination settings.

This release also improves the Attendant Console accessibility for visually impaired users and adds video preview from intercoms to Wildix Collaboration.

One of the most significant news of this version is Two factor authentication (2FA)  allowing you to add an extra layer of security to your Wildix Collaboration account.

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Watch the video:


Two factor authentication (2FA)

Two factor authentication or 2FA allows you to add an extra layer of security to your Wildix Collaboration and WMP account.


  • Supported apps: Google Authenticator, Free OTP, Microsoft Authenticator or any other TOTP auth app
  • Available for Collaboration / WMS / WMP.
  • One-time password is valid for 90 seconds
  • Time on user device and on PBX should be synced according to time zones
  • 2FA can be used for AD authentication


  • WebAPI does not work if 2FA is enabled for user
  • Integration Utility (TAPI driver) does not work if 2FA is enabled for user
  • 2FA is not available for iOS / Android / WP600A apps
  • Login with 2FA is not available for Google / Office 365 single sign-on (it is supposed that user who doesn’t know his/her WMS password can use Google / Office 365 password)
  • User can log in to a different PBX in WMS Network without 2FA even if 2FA is enabled

note: Google Authenticator / Free OTP apps doesn’t provide access pin, secret keys backup, sync or migration between devices, if you need such features, use other apps (e.g. Authy)

Collaboration Usability & Graphical Improvements


  • it is now possible to see when user is typing a message
  • added website and videoconference preview to chat


  • added live search for forwarding destination setting in Collaboration Settings > Features > Call Forward Busy / No Answer / All
  • it is now possible to capture the video streaming from your webcam to create a user picture
  • “until” field is now optional in user status settings

Attendant Console Accessibility

Attendant Console Accessibility improvements for visually impaired users: focus is now set up to Caller’s name when receiving a new incoming call (in case Accessibility Voice-Over feature is enabled on user’s PC)

Integration with Video Doorphones

Added video preview from intercoms in Collaboration


  • add a Dialplan custom application “SIPAddHeader(Camera:URL)”, where URL is the path to the intercom videostream (JPEG format).


  • SIPAddHeader(Camera:https://admin:meinsm@
  • SIPAddHeader(Camera:https://admin:admin1@
  • SIPAddHeader(Camera:https://admin:admin@
  • SIPAddHeader(Camera:https://www.testcam.local/camera/image.jpg)
  • SIPAddHeader(Camera:https://admin:mypassword@


  • only Google Chrome web browser is supported
  • door open button is coming in the next version

Video from intercoms is now displayed immediately

Important: make sure Android / iOS apps and WP600AXX are updated to the latest stable version.

FIAS integration

Wildix has completed the integration with new Hotel PMS:

  • Hotsoft8 of HoistGroup
  • Ericsoft
  • Direct Holiday

FIAS Documentation: LINK 

Fias PMS Integration matrix of supported features: Google Sheet