Oracle Hospitality OPERA is a software for hotel management and distribution. Thanks to this platform it’s possible to manage the basic hotel operations including check-ins, check-outs, room reservations and room status. Hospitality OPERA is available also as a mobile application.

Thanks to the system of customer profiles, Oracle Hospitality OPERA simplifies the activities of cross-selling and up-selling which helps to increase the management efficiency.

Oracle and FIAS versions:

  • Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud
  • Oracle Hospitality OPERA Version:
  • Oracle Hospitality Interface IFC8 Version:
  • FIAS Version: 2.20.12

FIAS is supported by the following PMS from Oracle/MICROS-Fidelio:
Fidelio Suite 6, Fidelio Suite 7, Fidelio Suite 8 & OPERA PMS
It is NOT supported by ‘Fidelio Xpress’.


Wildix communication system has been added to the list of solutions compatible with Oracle Hospitality OPERA. Wildix is a Gold Partner of Oracle.

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