Wildix Marketing Kit for Partners

Everything you need to sell and promote Wildix systems.

We’re all about communication and increasing sales, which is why we give you the tools you need to grow your clients and deliver consistent messaging about our products.

Find all the information you require and show off our solutions.

Brochures & White Papers

Nothing grabs the eye quite like a well-designed white paper or a catchy brochure. Get the stats you need to quote, discover what makes Wildix truly unique and explore the range of possibilities that our products offer.

Presentations & Sales Letters

Add snacks, drinks and make it an occasion! Wildix presentations let you expand your client base with engaging materials specifically designed to show off our capabilities and how you’ll integrate them into your clients’ systems.


A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and our image library helps you find the perfect shot of our logo, products or icons. Add them to your own presentation deck to create compelling material.


When you really need to impress, use one of our videos! They’re ideal as website material, or integrate them as part of your training program. We even have a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos that can help you and your customers understand what we’re truly about.