The winning solution: Schrack Seconet integrated with the Wildix solution.

The use of the most advanced technologies is essential for a modern hospital to provide patients with the highest degree of safety. VISOCALL IP system of Schrack Seconet is the only solution that integrates with Wildix phone systems using the existing network cabling and standard network protocols, allowing forwarding of calls placed by patients to fixed or mobile phones. In addition, patients can use the patient’s terminal as a phone.


  • Integration is realized using the existing network cabling and standard network protocols, without the need of any external interface
  • The patient’s terminal installed at the patient’s bed for nurse call alarms, can be also used as a standard telephone, allowing the patient to make and receive calls from his or her loved ones
  • The medical facility can decide whether to charge the patient for calls made from the patient’s terminal via a programmable smart card
  • The call information (department, room, bed, emergency…) is displayed on the screen of the receiving devices
  • A two-way communication between a patient and a caregiver allows managing the emergency situations efficiently
  • Full compliance with VDE 0834 regulations for nurse call systems
  • Flexible call forwarding rules fully programmable by the user
  • Different types of devices can be used as receiving devices (fixed, DECT, cell phones)
  • The number of receiving devices can be defined by user
  • In the event of a malfunction of the integration, the staff will be promptly alerted
  • Call management on the Wildix system is intuitive and simple

Manufacturer Information

The Austrian high-tech company Schrack Seconet is one of the international industry leaders of fire alarm and communication systems. People’s security is the priority for Schrack Seconet that has always invested in research and development. The company’s products meet the highest quality standards thanks to the highly qualified staff, pioneering manufacturing processes and the choice to locate production in Europe.



VISOCALL IP can be easily integrated with the Wildix VoIP system, it’s sufficient to activate the corresponding Schrack Seconet and Wildix licenses according to the end user’s needs.

Available languages

VISOCALL IP system is available in 19 languages.

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