Not just airports, hospitals or supermarkets:
Discover how to use W-PA also in the smallest environments!

The Wildix Public Announcer was created to be able to make announcements and provide information in large environments such as supermarkets, airports and hospitals.

However, the W-PA system is a very versatile product and it is able to work in the smallest environments, as seen in the following use case: Enecom, a Wildix partner, has successfully installed a W-PA system in the garage of the Gabriella Grassi Dental Office.

The prestigious dental office (a facility of over 500 square meters) is located in a building in the historic center of Potenza, where parking availability is quite restricted.

Enecom designed the entire communication system for the client to make each aspect as efficient as possible; The elegant Vision phone for the reception and the offices, the cordless W-AIR to facilitate the mobility of the dentists and dental assistants within the office, and a video intercom system has been installed at the entrance.

For the clients who arrive by car, Enecom has created an even more efficient system: the W-PA device activates the door of the garage reserved for the clients of the dental office, and at the same time, is connected to two acoustic speakers.

The solution makes it possible for the office to verify the identity of the clients through the Vision’s intercom feature. The W-PA opens the door of the garage and transmits voice messages, such as instructions as to how to reach the offices from the garage or where to move their car in order to not block the way.

Enecom has therefore upgraded communication not only within the dental office, but thanks to the W-PA system, has upgraded the ability to easily manage both the door of the underground garage as well as the voice messages for the clients who have just arrived to the garage, ensuring all-round assistance.