WebAppointment is a web/cloud platform for appointments and reservations management for big and small companies, outsourced multi-agent and multi-services operation centers and callcenters.

WebAppointment features

  • A Web platform;
  • No hardware required, just a browser and Internet connection;
  • Cloud service in Web farm;
  • Multi-user management;
  • Multi-services management;
  • Management of multiple remote operation centers;
  • Agents’ management;
  • Sites and offices geolocation management;
  • Calendars that automatically open for agent/service/operation center/date and time
  • Online reservation form for the end user;
  • Permissions management for an operation center and the headquarters;
  • Callcenter users management for outsourced appointment setting;
  • Integrated management of phonebook contacts and relative stats;
  • Integration with Wildix PBX for incoming call detection, call answer and contacts search;
  • Weekly planner chart with drag & drop feature;
  • External data export;
  • Data and stats export;

Demo area


Username: demouser
Password: demouser

Manufacturer information


StarSystem IT is a dynamic company founded as a result of collaboration between professionals working in IT industry and in business management. StartSystem IT develops high-quality software for any needs and offers third-party software to provide the customers with the different tools that favor the productivity growth.

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