Press release

Tallinn, Estonia — October 24, 2022 — Wildix is pleased to announce that its annual UC&C Summit will be held on January 17, 2023, and registration is now open. The event gathers together MSPs and system integrators and presents the latest news from Wildix, updates to products and where the market is going.

Like the previous two summits, the 2023 UC&C summit will be virtual, allowing thousands of partners and other telephony professionals to stream it wherever they are.

“The market is continuously evolving, with millions of new users being added every quarter,” said Steve Osler, CEO and cofounder of Wildix. “As a result, it’s vital that everyone stays updated, and the 2023 UC&C Summit ensures they do just that. With the ever-accelerating elimination of the channel from the market, MSPs and SIs must make rapid decisions and support business stability.”

Steve Osler,
CEO and co-founder of Wildix

The summit focuses on two key concepts: the scarcity of new business opportunities and the urgent need for change. Speakers include Theresa Caragol from AchieveUnite, Mitch Friedman from ValueSelling Associates and a variety of key Wildix figures.

“MSPs must move to a sustainable channel-led or channel-only solution if they’re to keep their businesses going over the next decade,” added Dimitri Osler, CTO and cofounder of Wildix. “Those who rely on large vendors who gradually push them out of the market are going to fail. The UC&C summit is an opportunity to explore what they can do to prevent this.”

Dimitri Osler,
CTO and co-founder of Wildix

This summit comes after Wildix increased the number of partners by 19% year-on-year, thanks to continuous expansion in the US and European markets.

Partners and other MSPs and SIs can sign up for the 2023 UC&C Summit here.