Wildix & Comms Business recently co-hosted a roundtable event with key industry players to talk about some of the challenges the market is facing today: price pressure in hosted, end of the ISDN, WebRTC strategy, smart working.

Rob Loakes, Senior Channel Manager at Wildix UK:

“I don’t actually see many businesses implementing a WebRTC policy in isolation, WebRTC is a protocol that addresses many other business policies but with some unique benefits.

For example, many companies are looking at a Video conferencing policy and there are many solutions out there that may fit their policy. If the policy states that video conferencing should cross-platform, allow mobile devices and be available without having to install an application, then WebRTC will address this need.

Given that these requirements today, with the advent of COVID-19 are heightened and maybe changing daily, the flexibility of a WebRTC solution is a technology must for these policies. If we look at home working, the ability to have zero-touch deployment by simply logging into a Webpage, really using any device regardless of operating systems, service packs and alike, not requiring a VPN or hardware such as handsets shipped to the home worker, along with more services than just voice with things like Chat, video and screen sharing then WebRTC is the only technology that can address these.”

Wildix also had a chance to demonstrate their technology during the event, showcasing how the Wildix Solution can help businesses keep being competitive and run at times when there is a raising need for smart and remote working!

We would like to thank the round table participants and Comms Business for such an interesting and developing discussion.

To read more about the event, please visit journal-download.co.uk

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