Wildix for Ukraine

You all keep asking about how to help and how to be active supporters of our Ukrainian colleagues. You have a big heart — thanks for being close to the Wildix family.
At Wildix we are hosting colleagues with their families and children.

You can donate at this dedicated bank account:
Account: Wildix srl
Bank: BANCO BPM GRUPPO BANCARIO Filiale di Trento – Ag. 3 C/C
IBAN: IT80Y0503401800000000000238

This money will be used to cover expenses like travel and accommodation.
Thanks for your great support.
Together we can do it.
*English subtitles available

Anna and her son

Anna is a web designer at Wildix who started in 2016. On February 24, 2022, she woke up to the sounds of explosions in Odesa, Ukraine. At that moment, she knew she had to leave her home, her family and her plans for the future behind, grab her son, pack a few things and take off towards the border.

Semyon and his family

Semyon works as a VoIP developer at Wildix. When the company offered to help employees leave the country for several weeks, Semyon decided to seize this opportunity. Together with his wife and two children, they left for vacation. Not because he was afraid that Russia would start a full-scale war in Ukraine. Quite the opposite – like many Ukrainians, he didn’t believe it until the very last moment.
*English subtitles available
*English subtitles available

Olga and her son

Olga works at the DACH sales department of Wildix. On February 24, 2022, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, Olga’s first concern was to bring her son to safety. They had to flee the war, just like millions of Ukrainians.

Andrew and his family

Andrew is a QA team lead at Wildix. On February 19, 2022, the company offered to help its employees temporarily leave the country because of the rumours of the upcoming Russian invasion of Ukraine. Andrew didn’t give it a second thought: His main concern was to bring his child and his pregnant wife to safety.
*English subtitles available
*English subtitles available

Gennadiy and his family

Gennadiy is a VoIP engineer at Wildix. Five days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, at the request of Wildix, Gennadiy, his wife and three children were supposed to take a flight from Ukraine to Italy. Unfortunately, two of their children were not allowed through Odesa airport, because their passports had less than three months to go. This family had to face a tough choice. The parents and their youngest left the country, while their older children remained.

Natalie and her son

Natalie works in the accounting and administration department of Wildix. She would have left the country before the war started, yet she couldn’t – her son’s passport was about to expire. On the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she first tried to work as usual, until she realized she couldn’t. She no longer cared about the documents, so she took her son and started a journey that lasted three days, through Moldova and Romania to Trento, where Wildix’s Italian office is located.
*English subtitles available
*English subtitles available

Zhenya and his wife Elena

Zhenya (Eugene) works as a QA engineer at Wildix. Together with his wife Elena they had left Ukraine before the war started. They are now staying in the Italian office of the company for an unpredictable period of time. They are worried for their family in Ukraine, and hope to be able to go home soon.