Press release

On September 22, the first Virtual Smart Working Festival, hosted by Wildix, gathered people, experiences, analyses and opinions to delve deeper into this new way of living, working and conducting business. Wildix, Citrix, 2N, Epos-Sennheiser, Televic Healthcare, Freshworks — companies with strong bonds for goals and shared projects — started a reflection on how technology can provide new sources of business while supporting the society.

Tallinn, Estonia — Our community is looking for strategies to improve their business, lives and approach to work. The first Virtual Smart Working Festival, promoted and hosted by Wildix, was intended to share tips, ideas and experiences in order to enhance people’s way of smart working and smart living. The event was a major success, with hundreds of professionals connecting to virtually attend to its Smart Talk sessions, consequently showing a need to reconsider our approach to business and society.

The speakers at the first Virtual Smart Working Festival were introduced by Steve Osler, Founder and CEO of Wildix, who argued that ethical responsibilities are no longer detached from the need to be successful as IT providers.

“This crisis can turn all of us into a force of change,” comments Steve Osler. “Smart working is the key. Business, life and climate can be significantly improved by creating and maintaining a smart working environment, even though the world still lacks a new successful and clear model to achieve this goal. Society has got to a turning point, and we as technology providers have the responsibility to spin it towards a better, more sustainable reality, where it’s possible to make money while taking care of people and Earth.”

Steve Osler,
CEO and co-founder of Wildix

Shashidhar Reddy, Technical Marketing Manager at Citrix Ready, focussed on the “New normality” with his speech “How to enable digital workspace for smart workers?” : according to his presentation, work needs to be reimagined with a more long-term strategy, employees working outside of the office will become normalized and the transition to the Cloud will be key to ensuring productivity and IT agility. In this context, Citrix Workspace is the platform to perform work better ; it can serve as a single digital space that unifies all the assets that people need to get their work done in a secure and intelligent manner.

Lukas Psota, Marketing Product Manager for 2N a leader in IP intercoms and access control units, discussed the topic “How to #StaySafe with 2N products?” and presented the latest technologies for IP intercoms. Being mobile-oriented is a necessity in the field, especially when, during a pandemic, people fear contact and try to prevent physical closeness with others.

Lieven Kints, General Manager for Televic Healthcare, a solid multinational company operating in the field of health technology, also spoke. During his presentation titled “How technology helps you cure and maintain social distance?”, Mr. Kints explained that Televic has worked to adapt to the current needs of the healthcare sector. The company’s goal is to provide solutions that give healthcare workers the power to make the best possible decision in an environment where time is crucial, resulting in high-quality care, increased efficiency and safety for all.

Teddy Guillet, Strategy Alliance Manager EMEA for EPOS-SENNHEISER, a premium performance brand that pioneers audio technology and delivers high-end audio solutions designed for enterprises and gaming, launched into the specific topic of “How sound quality affects Smart Working efficiency?”. Performances are affected by the quality of the tools we use everyday, he argued, and the quality of sound and audio is an important component in achieving results.

Rajiv Ramanan, Director for Startup Program and Technology Alliances at FRESHWORKS, the parent company behind the suite of products which includes Freshdesk, specializes in customer engagement. With the speech “Remote Mode: How to ensure CX teams can deliver seamless support from anywhere”, Freshworks discussed the increased need for engagement and retention in the ever-changing market and described its focus on anticipating customer needs with a full 360° view across marketing, sales, and support.

The hundreds of MSPs who connected to this virtual event showed an interest in this new Smart Woking model which is establishing itself in our economic landscape. As a result, Wildix is already considering to host a second edition of the Festival in 2021.

All recordings are available here : Virtual Smart Working Festival