Press release

Tallinn, Estonia — June 30, 2022 — Wildix today announced that the number of end-users on its hardware as a service has dramatically increased by 528% since December 2020. The number of partners with Wildix HWaaS subscriptions has also increased by 295%.

Wildix’s hardware as a service solution started in 2019 to complement its general focus on the subscription model. While it still offers hardware as CapEx, its move to focus companies on OpEx has clear benefits, including regular updates, outstanding security and continuity of service.

“We’re very pleased with these results,” says Emiliano Tomasoni, CMO of Wildix. “They demonstrate the power of the hardware as a service model, helping partners gain recurrent revenue and ensuring end users get the tools they need without the often-prohibitive costs of buying a complete system as capital expenditure.” 

Emiliano Tomasoni
CMO of Wildix

The Wildix HWaaS model provides a range of headsets, adapters, deskphones and even a complete conferencing station that has the cameras, remote, stand and computing power companies need to create a fully immersive video conferencing solution.

“A major part of the success of our hardware as a service model lies in the impressive compatibility across all our systems,” notes Emiliano. “Customers know they’re getting a system that simply works out of the box, without the risk of third-party software issues and firmware incompatibilities.”

Wildix’s solutions are available from a wide range of partners across the world. If you would like to join the partner-first Wildix ecosystem, visit