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Tallinn, May 10 2021 – Wildix is about to launch teams4Wildix, a new integration with Microsoft Teams made possible thanks to CLASSOUND. The integration will be available starting from July 2021 and will be free for those customers who have already activated CLASSOUND, the porting service that lets customers get rid of their old carriers and make use of the high quality service and customer care provided by Wildix.


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CLASSOUND is the only solution that allows users to enjoy First Class Audio Quality all over the world, safely in the Cloud. It provides the First Class Sound businesses deserve, wherever employees work.

CLASSOUND is a built-in VoIP trunk, available out of the box through the Wildix system. It is especially useful for international companies with offices in different countries because it gives them an opportunity to connect all of their offices using the same operator, and for companies who have customers and partners all over the world who simply need to place and receive international calls.

teams4Wildix, the integration of Wildix and Microsoft Teams

“This is something we strongly believe will bring an advantage to our end-customers and our Partners,” explains Alberto Carlos Benigno, Chief Sales Officer at Wildix. “Microsoft Teams is now integrated with Wildix, letting users call and interact with customers from one single interface.”

Alberto Carlos Benigno,
Chief Sales Officer at Wildix

What will you find in the integration?

1. The Collaboration client is embedded in the Teams client, but as Teams doesn’t support WebRTC, you can’t use it to make phone calls.

2. Trunk connection to the Wildix PBX: This means that calls are fully integrated with the Teams dialpad, so you can make and receive calls to and from any user on the Wildix PBX or on CLASSOUND through the native Teams interface (however, you also need direct routing capability in Teams).

3. With our PlugIn, we add:

  • Presence sync from Teams to Wildix;
  • Integration of W-AIR Networks, WP Phones, Vision Phones and Media Gateways into Teams deployments;
  • Fax Server;
  • BLF Tabs — Timetables/Switches Control;
  • Full call features configuration;
  • Telephony Integration Support with CRMs.

How it works:

When enabled for your customer, you’ll get access to a new portal where you can enter your credentials to connect to the Wildix PBX and to Microsoft Teams.

Moreover, the service that Wildix offers with CLASSOUND reduces costs and time for support, providing the best quality for international calls.

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