Press release

Tallinn, Estonia — March 14, 2022 — Wildix is pleased to announce that a wide range of roles is still available at the UCaaS provider for those from Ukraine. These roles will help the company grow and deliver the support the company needs while supporting the needs of those in Ukraine.

Wildix Is Still Recruiting From Ukraine

The company made its first foray into Ukraine in the mid-2000s, and it established offices across the country to provide services to its business operations. It helped create a hub for developers, web designers and marketing professionals in Odessa and beyond.

“Ukraine has a lot of talent, and we’re looking for those who meet our company culture and can deliver professional support for our operations,” says HR manager Roberta Terranova. “The country remains an important part of our recruitment strategy, and we’re able to deliver long-term prospects and benefits.”

Roberta Terranova,
HR manager

The jobs are offered on an independent contractor basis, ensuring maximum flexibility. Benefits include supplied equipment, training and vacation pay.

“I’m very proud of how we’re helping Ukrainians to work,” says Anastasia Artemchuk, IT recruitment specialist for Wildix. “The benefits of joining Wildix are unparalleled, and we’re helping deliver a great platform and an incredible place to work.”

Anastasia Artemchuk,
IT recruitment specialist for Wildix

All jobs are compatible with remote working, and earnings can be paid in a number of ways. For more information click here.