Press release

Tallinn, Estonia — Sept. 21, 2022 — Wildix is pleased to announce that it has officially offered 1,020 places across 68 training sessions for its crucial partner programs since 2021. These training programs are part of its continuing efforts to help partners reach their full potential and grow their businesses.

ValueSelling, a sales approach that’s defined by the overall value proposition of the solution, and Kanban, an organizational approach that helps companies make their task management systems more efficient, are the key components of the Wildix partnership.

“I’m proud that Wildix has made such an effort to ensure partners get true value from our approach,” says Alberto Benigno, Chief Sales Officer of Wildix. “It’s a great result for Wildix, and it shows the dedication we have to our 100% channel-only partnership, strengthened by our go-to-market approach.”

Alberto Benigno,
Chief Sales Officer of Wildix

These additional training sessions go beyond the standard sales training offered on Wildix products, which all partners have to undergo as well as Wildix Field Engineer and Wildix Field Engineer Expert technical training. All material regarding its products and setup is on its internal e-learning platform, and partners can get dedicated help from their country managers for questions and queries.