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The latest release out of international UC&C vendor Wildix of their Wildix Management Platform sees them add not just functionality but also a suite of tools aimed at end-user productivity and sales enablement. WMS5 further cements their established pedigree as a market leader in WebRTC but with the additional of React Native, a mobile application framework created by Facebook that is used to develop applications for Android, iOS and Web, this allows Wildix End-users to get full and uniform access to the full collaboration platform regardless of device.

Amongst the announced improvement, most impressive is the enhancements to their already strong Wizyconf conferencing solution which now adds functionality to compete with market-leading solutions without the need to use external services or pay additional subscription fees, Wildx now adds items such as Tile Views, moderator controls and speaker stats to give users and organisers the full 360-degree view of participants and contributors, added to this the promise of a soon to follow WizyWebinar, an integrated Webinar mode than will scale to up to 10,000 participants, this shows how adaptive this vendor can be to change and ensure their partners have the tools and solutions that environmental changes have raised in the workplace.

Other highlights presented are improvements driven by customers’ demands to drive more sales from their websites through the use of Kite, Wildix’s tool to allow external collaboration through end-users own website. Kite already allows visiting website users to utilize the full collaboration capabilities of Wildix such as live chat, audio, video and screen sharing but without web users needing to leave the end-user website or change device. Wildix has expanded on this functionality to allow chatbot integration, instant access to video conferencing and many updates that enable sales teams to really ensure that each website visit is maximised to its full potential. Given this impressive update, the self-titled “FIRST complete solution for business communication” certainly seems to be delivering on its promise to enable more revenue for both partners and Wildix users.

“We are doing this because in this trying period what companies need is more revenue, it means more sales,” said Steve Osler, founder and CEO of Wildix, “and the goal of Wildix is to provide a measurable result for their growth while providing the best experience for users and the best security for the system. In fact, this is Wildix: it is the solution for more business and more efficiency, built to be secure by design.”

Steve Osler,
CEO and co-founder of Wildix

Ian Rowan, Senior Channel Manager at Wildix commented: “our partners wanted more from our video conferencing solution and we delivered, our partners wanted more from our external collaboration feature set and we delivered this too, it’s great to be part of an organisation that not only delivers on its features set but also gives our partners the ability to increase revenue while it seems others around us are either turning partners into agents or forcing them into long term contracts that are not in line with customers purchasing requirements, what’s even more impressive that all these updates are available now and without additional cost, I would urge anyone looking to evaluate their portfolio to get in touch soon as we only have 18 more partner places this year before we stop recruitment, another example of our commitment to our existing partners.”

Ian Rowan,
Senior Channel Manager at Wildix

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