In the latest interview to UC Today, Ian Rowan, Senior Channel Manager at Wildix UK, discusses a recent series of high-profile cyberattacks against VoIP providers and the current vulnerable position of communication service providers.

Ian Rowan highlighted that the problem is some VoIP providers deploy open-faced systems that may be easily accessed through the internet and a lot of partners and SIP providers are not able to defend against the attacks, this causes strong instability. Rowan also added that Wildix isn’t in the same vulnerable position for attacks.

“We are not susceptible to those same attacks because of the way our network is designed. On Wildix we’re only providing Wildix call termination to Wildix PBXs. So, we know where they’re coming from, or we can accept traffic from Wildix customers and not from anyone else”, said Ian Rowan.

Ian Rowan,
Senior Channel Manager at Wildix UK

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