Wildix to Launch x-hoppers

The new retail communications system features wireless push-to-talk headsets and QR
code call points for improved in-store sales

Press release

Tallinn, Estonia — April 6, 2022 — Wildix, the first unified communications company to focus 100% on boosting sales, is expanding its lineup of results-oriented solutions
with x-hoppers. Set to launch in April, x-hoppers is a complete retail headset system that combines wireless push-to-talk headsets with a cloud-based communications system.

In addition to connecting retail assistants on a private channel, x-hoppers improves upon the in-store experience with a QR code system: Using x-hoppers, stores can print QR codes to place beside products, which customers can scan to look up more information on the product or call for assistance through the x-hoppers system.

The solution represents Wildix’s first push to bring results-driven technology into the retail vertical. In keeping with the company’s existing premise to boost sales in the online space, Wildix has likewise designed x-hoppers as a way to increase customer conversion and retention within an in-store context.

“Unlike other retail solutions, which just promise to reduce the number of steps in the store, x-hoppers is about doubling in-store conversions by reinforcing customer care,” said Emiliano Tomasoni, CMO of Wildix. “The promise of x-hoppers comes down to two words: increasing sales. With this new solution from Wildix, customers are guaranteed to receive top level assistance from stores. Moreover, this assistance means more revenue and more loyal customers.”

Emiliano Tomasoni,
CMO of Wildix

Once launched, the x-hoppers solution will be made available exclusively alongside x-bees, the all-in-one platform for digital sales communication announced at the 2022 UC&C Summit hosted by Wildix. More information about x-hoppers
is now available at www.x–hoppers.com.