For the latest issue of Comms Dealer, Ian Rowan, Senior Channel Manager at Wildix UK, joined the panel of industry prime movers, speaking about strategic actions that will be driving the channel’s transformation towards 2025.

Here is what Mr Rowan had to say.

“Among the biggest strategic considerations should be a switch to OPEX and stopping long-term contracts, says Ian Rowan, Senior Channel Manager at Wildix. “It still surprises me how many traditional telecoms companies have not fully embraced an OPEX model and lead their sales based on CAPEX.”

Cloud solutions allow channel partners to build up a healthy recurrent revenue that means the company is far more sustainable and has a greater value. The UK market is buoyant at the moment for those that have the right technology in their hosted tool box. It’s great to see that even in a general downturn of the economy that vendors and partners in the hosted space have been able to step up to the mark, helping companies to continue to operate wherever they are based.”

The pandemic has served as a catalyst for what many could see as a natural progression for communications, which is the wider adoption of Cloud services and collaboration tools. “These are no longer things that need explaining, it’s what customers are requesting,” added Rowan. “But too many partners have had bad experiences with poorly designed, expensive or complex integrations that now create nervousness when approaching clients. Where a partner does not have these capabilities they can engage with a partner that does. The other issue is cloud providers offering the same functionality as their on-site solution, it’s just placed somewhere else. This gives the end user no value from the cloud solution.”

Ian Rowan,
Senior Channel Manager at Wildix

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