Press release

It is with pleasure we would like to announce that Wildix won the Channel Champions 2022 Team Spirit Award during the Awards Final on July 7th 2022.

This win is the recognition of the exceptional work, unity, and dedication the Wildix Management Team, HR Team and other departments have demonstrated from the very beginning of the Ukraine crisis, when Wildix have immediately acted to evacuate its Ukraine based staff alongside their families to safer locations during the Russian invasion back in February 2022.

Comms Dealer Editorial Director and Awards Co-ordinator Nigel Sergent stated:

“I now have the greatest pleasure in introducing our first award, which is a new and very special one we have introduced this year. The Channel Champions Team Spirit Award will be awarded to a channel team that has demonstrated ingenuity, bravery, togetherness, agility and, most importantly, passion, in the delivery of any team entry. This entry will have truly represented the unique and very special “Team Spirit” that exists within ICT channel companies. This year, of all years, no award Channel Champions Awards category could acknowledge the teamwork involved in evacuating members of staff from a theatre of war. Few, if any, Western workplaces could express the dangers and uncertainty that this team experienced this winter and spring. No award category could recognize the administration and organisation required to act swiftly and get those members of staff to a place of safety.

No award category could demonstrate the emotion and affection portrayed by fellow staff and management in understanding the perils their colleagues faced. And no award category could understand the trauma experienced by members of staff who had to abandon loved ones and flee to a place of safety. In February this year, this exceptional company took unprecedented steps to evacuate employees from their technical base in Odesa, Ukraine to Trento in Italy, regardless of the cost. As detailed in this company’s award entry, waiting there for them after this arduous journey was organised accommodation, a safe working environment and people they knew and trusted. This ‘Little Odesa’ in northern Italy continues to be home to so many and will be until this senseless war concludes. I could talk about this amazing effort all day long, but it has been documented in a special story book which is available for collection at the back of the room. It truly is a compelling and emotional read and I urge you to pick up a copy. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Channel Champions Team Spirit Award goes to WILDIX.”

Nigel Sergent,
Comms Dealer Editorial Director and Awards Co-ordinator

Ian Rowan, Senior Channel Manager at Wildix UK commented:

“This means a lot to all of us at Wildix. Winning this award is not about the workplace. It’s about the people and these people continue to show resolve and strength beyond imagination each and every day.”

Ian Rowan,
Senior Channel Manager at Wildix UK

To learn more about the Awards Final, please, follow this link.