Wildix are extremely delighted to announce that we have become Winners of Comms Business Awards 2021 at the Hardware Vendor category!

The Comms Business Awards are an annual celebration of the hard work and dedication from individuals, partners and vendors across the Channel – www.commsbusinessawards.co.uk.

Hardware Vendor - WINNER

“Today the market is a wash with Cloud solutions that all compete, some sold direct, some via partner channels and some growing via partnership with traditional vendors, most of these Cloud offerings use 3rd party generic hardware that in turn provides a generic feature set. These 3rd party devices have to be supported by the partner and kept updated if an upgrade is made to the Cloud platform. Partners coming from a traditional telecoms background dislike this support overhead; this approach applies to them directly.
Having our own hardware developed for our own platform not only gives partners and their users a higher level of functionality but also reduces the partners exposure to support issues that dealing with multiple vendors to supply a customer solution give them.”

Ian Rowan,
Senior Channel Manager at Wildix UK

“We deserve this award as we are bucking the trend of using generic hardware and ensuring partners have access to fully supported, high quality equipment that enhances our solution and customer experience.”

Rob Loakes,
Senior Channel Manager at Wildix UK

Many thanks to the independent panel of industry experts for acknowledging Wildix! Thank you Comms Business!

Not only have we won the Hardware Vendor Award, but also Wildix were HIGHLY COMMENDED for the UC Vendor Award, happy times!