WMS 5.02 – March 2021

Meet WMS 5.02 – the most stable and reliable WMS version that introduces major improvements and features

Wizywebinar Beta

The first automated movie studio for your webinars.

Webinars play an important role in the customer journey. They serve to engage leads, nurture, educate them, and help companies close more deals faster.

Wizywebinar is fully integrated into the Wildix communication system, enabling you to communicate with your registrants and follow up with your attendees in any suitable way. And, most importantly, with Wizywebinar you can run your events in a professional way, using smart webcams and two studio-quality mics of the Wizyconf Hardware Station.

The PTZ camera automatically focuses on the person who is speaking. The 4K camera makes sure everyone present in the room is in the frame. You don’t need a tech crew to turn your events into an engaging experience: just turn on the Wizyconf HW station, access the webinar and select the webcam that you would like to use.

Missed Calls Manager for Call Groups

Normally, there’s only one agent in a call group who receives notifications about missed calls. This leads to a problem where a company doesn’t get back to their customer in a timely manner, simply because they rely on one single agent for managing all the missed calls.

Now it’s possible for users to get subscribed to receive notifications about missed group calls. Once there’s a missed call, the BLF key turns blue on all the subscribed phones. Once someone marks the notification as read, the BLF light goes out for everyone.

As a result, agents have a unified view of missed calls and no call is left without attention.

The feature is supported on WelcomeConsole, WorkForce, WP480G, WP490G and on Collaboration.

W-AIR DECT System Lone Worker Alarms localization

One of our W-AIR handsets is called LifeSaver because it supports 5 types of lone worker alarms.

W-AIR systems can be installed in large areas, such as warehouses, construction sites. In such situations, a W-AIR handset is not just a means of communication, but it can literally save a life. The handset can send out an alarm automatically, should the person who carries it fall down.

Starting from WMS 5.02 not only can we know which handset generated the alarm, but we can also know which type of alarm was generated (e.g. Man Down, Red Button, Running…), and, most importantly–the exact location of the person who needs help.

Password protection for Wizyconf

The link to participate in a Wizyconf session is highly secure and the link to join the conference is almost impossible to guess. It consists of 15 symbols: 8 randomly generated symbols including letters and digits and the conference ID.

Now we add an extra layer of security to our conference. You can additionally protect your meeting with a password.

WebRTC Kite Chatbot SDK

WMS 5.02 adds support for the WebRTC Kite chatbot. Web developers can work on the SDK to customize the behavior of the chatbot to work in different scenarios.

The chatbot can be used out of the box to provide an automated response during working hours in case no agent is available, asking the customer to try again later; and provide a different type of response during non-working hours (e.g. “our offices are closed”).

Here is a possible use case (documentation is provided below and explained in the video): the bot greets the customer and invites them to type “address” or “events”. Based on the input from the user it returns predefined responses.

WorkForce improvements

Stability and audio quality improvements:

  • Improved default mic volume
  • USB headset mic volume level is now adjustable from phone’s Settings Menu 
  • Fixed random one-way audio after resuming a call from hold 

WiFi dongle for your WorkForce:

  • Connect your WorkForce to WiFi
  • Available only as HWaaS
  • Comes with USB Type-C adapter

WiFi dongle Documentation:


New APIs available in WMS 5.02:

  • IVR API improvement
  • Dialplan General Settings API
  • Call Groups API

WebAPI library:

  • Support for client to server authorization (oAuth2)

WorkForce stability and audio quality improvements

To be added…

Wildix leverages the cutting-edge technology of WebRTC and React Native to design the FIRST solution for business communication, which

is secure by design

increases your sales

enables you to work as a team

React Native Mobile Apps

Brand new Mobile Apps for iOS and Android written on React Native (available on App Store and Google Play Store later this year):

  • New design and improved UX
  • Unified user experience over multiple platforms
  • Native WebRTC: increased responsiveness, better performance, peer-to-peer communication


Read the changelog: WMS5 Stable Release

Other things you can get with WMS5:

React-based Wizyconf

The new React-based interface introduces the following features:

  • Raise your hand
  • Mute/ unmute all the participants
  • Start muted
  • Send a private message
  • Tiles view
  • Usage stats
  • PIN protection
  • YouTube video sharing with audio being synced for all the participants

Smart Webcams for Wizyconf HW Station

Despite how many video conferencing systems are available, most are meant to be used by IT experts.

Then, there is Wizyconf: the first video conferencing solution designed for every user.

With Wizyconf, you don’t need to call in your IT staff each time you set up a video conference.

In WMS 5 the Wizyconf webcams become smart. Leverage the magic of Artificial Intelligence to transform your online meetings into an engaging experience:

  • The Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera detects the audio and automatically focuses on the person who is speaking.
  • The 4K camera detects movements to make sure everyone present in the room is in the frame.

Collaboration: new UX/UI

WMS 5 introduces new design and improved user experience:

  • New design of top menu
  • New design and improved usability of the login page
  • other improvements coming soon…

WMS network

Wildix proves to be an excellent fit as an enterprise solution also for the installations over 1000 users:

  • Up to 1000 nodes in WMS network (compared to 256 with WMS4)
  • Up to 5000 users on one PBX (compared to 1000 with WMS4)
  • Up to 500 concurrent calls
  • Up to 100k users in WMS network
  • Bandwidth consumption in WMS network decreased by 50%


Block of old generation devices that do not correspond to the security requirements and do not support modern security protocols:

  • WMS 5: optional block of devices that do not correspond to security standards (coming soon…)
  • WMS 6 (coming next year): devices that do not correspond to security standards are blocked by default

WebRTC Kite

WMS 5 introduces a number of new features in WebRTC Kite (coming soon), that boost your sales and increase your customer satisfaction, among them:

  • Incoming and outgoing SMS via CLASSOUND
  • Chat bot functionality
  • Better chat distribution system in call groups, shared Voicemails and missed calls
  • Possibility to add more people to Kite chat
  • Possibility to start a Wizyconf video conference from Kite chat
  • New design and improved UX