Switching to the Wildix Solution Made for Happier Employees at Grant Thornton

A smoother way of communicating created a more stress free work environment

Financial institutions have traditionally been slower to adapt to new technology than other industries. Those who do decide to go this way already have a head start just because of their attitude to change.
Grant Thornton
Grant Thornton, one of the world’s leading organizations of independent accounting and consulting member firms which provide assurance, tax and advisory services to privately held businesses, public interest entities, and public sector entities. With offices all over the world, it is a complex organization where communication has to be optimal in order for employees to do their jobs.
Revico Grant Thornton’s wanted to improve the way of communicating. As each Grant Thornton office is its own entity, they each decide independently how to set up and run their communications, which makes the solutions they use not centralized. The Helsinki office was in need of a solution that could make the workers mobile and adaptable, not tying them down to a specific physical location or even a specific set of hardware.
Peter Åhman, Partner at Revico Grant Thornton Oy

The switch to Wildix has resulted in much happier employees and a less stressful work environment. There has been a noticeable change in mood and attitude thanks to the Wildix implementation.

Peter Åhman, Partner at Revico Grant Thornton Oy
A cloud solution, where the employees working in the Helsinki office would be able to take and make calls regardless of their location, was the way forward for the Grant Thornton Helsinki office, as it was clearly an easier way of communicating internally and would not be tied to a physical space or hardware. With Collaboration being the web-based tool for easier internal and external communication, this goal was achieved for Revico Grant Thornton. Installation and onboarding of the 70 employees in the Helsinki office was a smooth process, with no delays in communication or service delivery.
Grant Thornton - Wildix case study
The ease of which the employees now can conduct their work has resulted in noticeably happier colleagues and a less stressful workday and environment. A greater work-life balance has been achieved, making the transition to the Wildix solution something the Helsinki office would recommend the other Grant Thornton offices to implement.
With better communication between colleagues, communication with clients has been improved as well, making for an overall more professional and accommodating experience for everyone.

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