Press release

Tallinn, Estonia — October 26, 2022 — Wildix, the first UC&C company 100% focused on sales, today provided more details on the upcoming release of its main PBX software, the Wildix Management System (WMS).

This latest version, WMS 6, was launched on Monday, October 24 and promises to adhere to the high standards of security and usability provided by previous releases. In addition, it features a variety of new components designed to further improve business efficiency.

“Every time we work on a new version of our software, we think first about user experience and simplicity,” said Dimitri Osler, Wildix co-founder and CTO. “These improvements are designed to make Wildix easier to use and, consequently, more able to accelerate business operations. For example, instead of having to input long combinations of keys on their desk phones for features like an intercom or forward to voicemail, users on WMS 6 can assign a ‘prefix’ key that instantly performs the function.”

Dimitri Osler,
Wildix co-founder and CTO

In keeping with this philosophy, WMS 6 will also improve tools within the greater Wildix ecosystem. x-hoppers, the Wildix solution for streamlining retail communications, will receive numerous important updates: Now, admins will have access to transcripts of all the conversations between shop assistants that happened during a day over the x-hoppers system. In addition, the x-hoppers retail headset system can be integrated with AI-powered store devices such as smart cameras, in order to inform shop assistants in real-time of any security alerts.

Support for third-party technology is likewise set to improve with the update. On top of new integrations with Google Calendar and Microsoft 365, WMS 6 will include additional APIs to allow for custom integrations.

“Building new integrations is an enormous point of value for our partners, which is why we’re constantly working to improve how Wildix connects with external solutions,” said Elena Kornilova, product marketing manager at Wildix. “Currently, almost every capability in WMS is covered with an open API, and we’re confident this will let Wildix MSPs create even more valuable solutions for their customers.”

Elena Kornilova,
Product marketing manager at Wildix

A beta version of WMS 6 was first launched to participating Wildix partners in June of this year.